Apple’s iOS 9.3 Has Serious Issues

Apple's iOS 9.3 has Serious Issues

Apple cannot seem to get out of product controversies. Apple Maps have been a huge embarrassment for Apple to say the least. Users were hoping that iOS 9.3 would be better – in fact they weren’t quite hoping. Many users were expected iOS 9.3 to have many faults – and it did. But i0S 9.3 problems are much more severe than we had anticipated. (not really surprising).

While Apple’s iOS 9.3 update brings some nice new options like Night Shift and secret protection for Notes, itadditionally seems to render net browsers nearly useless for several users. This follows the news that older devices were bricking when downloading the iOS update some days when it discharged.

Apple force the power to update to iOS 9.3 on older devices for the present.

Apple’s community support forums have seen variety of posts recently wherever users’ area unit news that clicking links can cause the phone to lock up, and not simply in expedition.

Tapping links in any app, as well as the Chrome browser, Mail and social media like Twitter, can cause the phone to freeze

Apple's iOS 9.3 has Serious Issues

One fix, first mentioned by Sam Murray on Twitter, who runs, is by disabling JavaScript to stop the glitch within the Safari app. This does not always solve the problem within other apps, like Messages, Mail, and Notes. To disable JavaScript, simply navigate to Settings > Safari > Advanced then hit the green-toggle next to JavaScript in the menu.

For users WHO area unit having hassle once sound links, some Apple Support Community posters prompt holding the link and gap it in an exceedingly new tab or turning off JavaScript in Safari’s settings, however this doesn’t seem to mend the difficulty for everyone.

Restarting your device or force closing the afflicted app additionally doesn’tinvariably create the matter depart.

User JohnUKDevon took a screenshot of his Live Chat with Apple Support, who said, “Apple is aware that there’s a difficulty with the (sic) expedition changing into unresponsive. Apple is functioning very laborious to unleashassociate degree update to resolve this issue.”
Apple didn’t directly answer request for comment.

Apple Admits to having Serious Problems

When Apple launched iOS9.3.1 – primarily to handle serious issues introduced in iOS9.3 – and this fix successively was discovered to cause a majority security hole. Yet, in contrast to the silence that greeted several issues in iOS eight (7 months to admit to ‘WiFried’ anyone?), Apple has once more fronted up directly and admitted to the flaw.

Apple fessed up to the Washington Times, confirming iOS9.3.1 contained a bug that created it simple to bypass lockscreen security (both PIN and fingerprint) to access a user’s contacts and photos (a video of this will be seen below).

And the sensible news? Apple has conjointly acted to leap on the bug which may be self-addressed while not would like for an extra code update (or a ‘fix for a fix’ per se a PR disaster in all probability would’ve been known).

Instead Apple aforesaid it might address the protection flaw ‘server side’ and this could quickly roll out therefore “most customers ought to have a fix in place” by the time you scan this. Apple’s candour here is refreshing for a corporation (and Associate in Nursing industry) best-known for its secrets.

That aforesaid Apple has conjointly painted itself into a corner. The company’s strenuous defence of its customers civil liberties in its recent battle with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (even going to this point on decision it a violation of free speech), conjointly suggests that it should currently continuously be seen to try to to the utmost for client security in any respect times. Or face the inevitable backlash.

Author bio: Nuur Hasan is a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports.

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