iOS 9 Vs iOS 8: Expectations and Updates

Apple iOS 9

Apple iOS 8 was announced at WWDC 2014 in the month of June and its subsequent release has happened in the month of September. Now, The Apple iOS 9 is expected to be release in the month of June 2015. The announcement of the next generation of iPad and iPhones is expected to be during the month of September 2015. More changes and expectations are expected in the iOS 9, so you can see some more benefit about iOS 9 vs iOS 8.

Apple iOS 9


Hereby, you could see some more changes in iOS 9 vs iOS 8. Multiple user accounts could be available in the iOS 9, and this is the best one for every user. It is expected to have very advanced features. Most wish listed features in the iOS 9 is enabled to have a multiple user accounts that are combined with the appropriate parental controls. At this moment, the parental controls that are present in the iOS 8 will allow you to set the restrictions about the content that you will require to turn like on and off standard. With the several user accounts, you could enable set up the features of the specific accounts with restrictions that you have chosen. Best features about iOS 9 vs iOS8 are expected. The split screen, multitasking is the expecting one, but this feature is not strong in the iOS 8. But these split screen, multitasking has strong speculation about the possible bigger dubbed iPad pro and iPad. More Apple competitors provide software based battery saving modes for their devices and hoping that the Apple iOS 9 will do the same thing which means it is also going to have the powerful battery saving mode. You could see some more features about iOS 9 vs iOS 8. The control access which is going to be customized is used to provide rapid access to toggle for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more and other settings. These are some of the best features that are expected on iOS 9 vs iOS 8.


Apple has taken wrapper off iOS 8, but the iOS 9 is new when compared to previous released one.  People were expecting more and Apple would regularly increase the disastrous of mapping effort and then with the single update options that would become more useful. Apple may be working on the augmented actuality view that uses the camera to highlight the points of an interest into the screen. No one has expected that Apple will make it to iOS 8 with an update. But the fingers are going to be implemented as cross platform for the iOS 9. Will see some more information about iOS 9 vs iOS 8. Siri is going to be the most popular feature with the good reason. Apple virtual of assistant could help people to create quicker and very easier information rather than to find out the information. Apple always does the solid job of creating the iOS device hand free. Most of the people will love home screen widgets, and they are expecting this feature in the upcoming series. But, Apple needs to maintain its interface in such a way that this should look very neat and clean and this would not take more time to arrive in any of the forms. See iOS 9 vs iOS 8 about Preview and the Text edits, the two apps that could allow you to do anything as whatever you want. These are some of the expectations of Apple Lovers and expected features to be implemented in the upcoming iOS 9 vs iOS 8.

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