iOS 9 vs Windows Phone 10

iOS 9 vs Windows Phone 10

The buzz of technology will go where you cannot measure. When you look 10 years back and compare it with now then you must be thinking technology has grown like a jet speed. How fortunate we are today, we are capable enough to keep the world in our fist.

The advancement of the Smartphones is nurturing the world with its technology and the iOS and Windows Phone OS have changed the definition of operating system. The competitions are high everywhere so if there is competition between the iOS 9 by Apple iOS and Windows Phone 10 by Microsoft then it is not a big surprise.

We should keep the point forward to let people know about the difference between the two. Which is superior to other according to the world of today for your comfort?

iOS 9 vs Windows Phone 10

Windows Phone 10:

Microsoft has grabbed the success with the failure as well. If many times it has been ahead the many times, it has taken back seat. When there was Windows 8, which was ahead of its time. I am talking about that time when people were not comfortable in grabbing new hi technology. The time when the minimal designs and smartphones technology was just introducing to the people. On that time, Microsoft launched Windows 8 so such development was not preparatory for the people of that time. Eventually they failed to attain Windows 8.

Now Microsoft is in another mood and wants to come back with no mistake in the form of Windows 10. Will it survive in the future market of hi-tech? If Windows 10 is coming by keeping the fast phase world in mind then there can be hope of getting success of Windows 10. Otherwise, it may fall by not matching the level of today.

iOS 9

IOS 9 is one of the leading names in the world of technology and they are succeeded in achieving its goal. With the rapid speed, it is attaining all the latest stuffs and new development is in its arm all the way. In this tech genre, nothing can beat iOS and it is the first choice of new generation as it follows your need.

It was the only phone, which has introduced to us the concept of smartphones. you cab download ios 9 after the beta announcement

The iOS  9 is smart in taking bold steps and take always one or two steps ahead in introducing various new features such as the ‘siri’, custom made control center and more. The customization is the button, which will be governed by the users. You can guess from its upcoming features iOS is faster than human can. It has a capacity to regulate the brain. there will buzz about iPhone 8

The iOS 9 and the Windows Phone 10 have come on the field with their respective features and they will take the technology to other level undoubtedly.

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