How Can A Publishing Company Use Office 365

For many people, Office 365 remains yet another unchartered terrain. But for those who have taken the first step and are using this cloud based software, the Office 365 is the best offering from Microsoft. It is the culmination of a thought process from the Microsoft think tanks which sought to combine the features of an Office suite and make it accessible from any place that has internet facilities. In fact the Office 365 Small Business was a much required transformation which enabled business houses and enterprises adapt to having the whole world as a marketplace, post globalisation.

How Can A Publishing Company Use Office 365

Dominating features of office 365

This suite of office applications is actually the brand name for a phenomenon using which Microsoft sought to market its software plus services offer. Hence for the general consumers this service seeks to provide the use of its office applications on a subscription basis. On the other hand, for its business and enterprise users it incorporates almost all essentials required for the proper channelling of the establishment on a subscription basis and includes

  • Email and other social networking services,
  • Skype especially for the business server,
  • SharePoint which is a very powerful Free Cloud Project Software,
  • Online Office suite,
  • Integration and collaboration of Yammer, the corporate networking site and
  • Office software.

There have been many additions and up gradations incorporated in the same subsequent to its announcement, testing and launch. One such addition is the Microsoft publisher, which has proved to be a great help especially for publishing houses.

Need for Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is an application developed with the sole intention of publishing. It differs from Microsoft Word in the emphasis it places on design, theme and page layout, while composition of text and its subsequent proofreading form the highpoints of MS Word. Its inclusion in Office 365 was more to cater to publishing houses not having dedicated designers as is evident from .

While the publishing market is still dominated by other publishing software, the inclusion of Microsoft Publisher in the Office 365 suite of applications and services has enabled it to offer a complete solution to the publishing sector. Also the fact that it is cloud based makes it more accessible. Hence even though it was a late entrant, this software service has managed to make inroads in the world of publishing.

Use of Microsoft Publisher

The use of a graphical user interface makes it easy to learn Microsoft publisher and when coupled with the other like SharePoint, can be used to make a powerful SharePoint publishing site. This site is so thoroughly structured that it enables the user to

  • Have an effective control over the layouts of the pages,
  • Efficiently master authoring practices and
  • Have a firm grasp over the publishing schedules.

Tools of Office 365 Microsoft Publisher

Used to make anything from letters to even professional reports, books, magazines, calendars, newsletters etc, this software has a very high functionality. Some of the tools incorporated in it which actually makes this entire publishing possible are

  • Text tools: These include innumerable fonts along with a special feature known as Open Type typography. This enables the user to opt for stylistic texts as well as create custom styled text. Another feature called the personal profile facilitates the storage of business information for use later on.
  • Objects: These include a wide variety of images, links and even borders which can also be edited. Images which can be used include layered, embedded and filtered images while the presence of a wizard for the creation of professional looking logos, enhances its utility.
  • Design: The availability of a number of templates enables the user to put the objects very accurately on the sheet. In fact the various technical design tools also available enable easy full page editing.
  • Publish: The many different formats of publications present allow the user to print almost any and every type of work. Some of the commonly used extensions for storing files include .jpeg, .pdf, .png and .xps.

Thus using the various templates available in Office 365 for publishing sites, these sites can be created to streamline the processes involved in publishing. In fact even the root site of SharePoint can be created using one of these templates.

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