5 Tips Every Software Development Person Should Know


Thanks to the software boost in the last couple of decades, software engineers and software development companies have mushroomed all over the world. Adding to the software boost is the start-up culture, which is mainly based around IT technologies, necessitating software development companies or experts.

However, not all companies involved software development in Lebanon are the same. Only a few of them understand the heart and crux of software. So, if you are trying to find the right software development personnel, you need to dig deeper and understand the sensibilities and expertise of the professional. Besides finding out the technical expertise of the professional, it is also very important to know his or her cultural sensibilities and emotional quotient. A recent study showed that the software professionals who have higher emotional intelligent write way better codes than the ones who do not have high emotional intelligent.

5 Tips Every Software Development Person Should Know

Below given are five things that every software development person should know. So, when you choose your developer, make sure he passes the parameters given below.

Knowing Customer’s Business

On the superficial level, it seems like a software development expert does not need to understand the core business of his or her customer. After all, the expert is designing a software and not developing a marketing plan or business plan. So, why understand the customers’ business?

True software professionals will pose a counter question. They say, “how can you possibly create a good software without obtaining a deep understanding of the customer’s business?” Understanding your customer’s business is all about knowing the “what” of it so that you can figure out the “how” of it. Once you know what is needed, you can choose the most appropriate designs, codes, patterns, tests and the entire process of implementation. The better the software development person understands his or her client’s business, the stronger is the software he creates.

So, when you, as a customer, select a company for software development in Lebanon, check out whether they make efforts to get an understanding of the ideology, structure and future plans of your business.


A Good Team Player

Professional and personal ethics of a developer plays a very important parameter in deciding the efficiency of a software development company or professional. A software developer does not work alone. He or she works in a team consisting of testing experts and other technical professionals.

When developing a software, the value of the end product is always greater than the sum of the individual efforts made by each member of the team. So, a professional who is a good team player can deliver software of greater efficiency.

Comprehensive Technical Expertise

According to a recent study, the half-life of software technology is six months. This means that a software developed today becomes outdated within just six months. So, it is very important for a software development expert to be a lifelong learner and keep updating their knowledge continuously.

However, on the practical, it is not possible for software professionals to learn every new language that comes out in the market. Nevertheless, passionate developers make it a point to stay abreast of at least one programming language for every major development paradigm. Software experts all over the world agree that the four most important paradigms are procedural languages like COBOL, C and FORTAN, functional languages like Erlang, F# and Clojure, object oriented languages like C++ and Java, and declarative languages like SQL and XSLT.

Additionally, if you need the software done for web-based portals, the knowledge of languages such as Python is also essential. A software professional who understands and can implement effective codes on these basic paradigms can create effective software to meet most of your requirements.

Knowing multiple languages is very beneficial for software professionals. For one, they will have the versatility to develop different kinds of software. Moreover, gone are the days when software were developed on a single language platform. This is the age of integration and multiple languages are used to develop the best hybrid software. So, knowledge of multiple platforms really helps. Secondly, the more languages they know, the more they understand the intricacies of programming and hence, can create software with greater depth and accuracy.

Software Security

It is very important for a software developer to have a strong understanding of software security. A software that is great in every way but is not secure is not a safe product for any customer. In the recent past, security has become a major concern in the software world. So, a software professional should know how to embed security features in the software.

Using projects like the Open Web Application Security Project can be a great way to secure software developed. Awareness about software security risks as well as their mitigation methods is a must for a good software professional.

Project Management

Knowing the fundamentals of project management always helps a software development company add more efficiency to the entire project. Awareness of the basics of project handling helps professionals and the company be more organised and plan in a systematic manner to finish your project on time. Project management also enables the entire team to enhance their productivity by collaborating with smart work techniques, effort optimisation, time optimisation and function optimisation.

While technical efficiency ensures the technical robustness of the software, good project management practices ensures timely delivery of the project, seamless communication between the developers and clients and documentation. Since the first stage of project management is project planning, you can analyse and troubleshoot causes of delay, potential security concerns and any other aspect that would prevent the expected delivery of the finished product.

Developing a software is not an easy task. It involves multiple functions, all of which need to be coordinated flawlessly. A blend of strong technical knowledge and work ethics ensures that you get a high quality product. So, check out for these features when you consider companies for software development in Lebanon.

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