5 Signs That Your Vastu Consultant Is A Genuine Professional


There are many Vastu experts in India today. However, not all these consultants have the same level of credibility. Hence while approaching any Vastu consultant; you need to be extra cautious. This post helps in providing some helpful pointers which will help you in consulting a trustworthy and reliable Vastu consultant.

If you are contemplating of getting in touch with a Vastu consultant in India, then there are couple of things which you must a take a mental note of to protect yourself from fake consultants who are out there only to extract money from you. Here are five signs that the expert you are contemplating to consult or already consulting is a thorough professional.


No Selling

Vastu consultants can guide you on how to organize or arrange your home or office space so that you receive good luck, positive vibes, and/or prosperity from such property. As long as they do that, there should not be any problem. If, however, they try to promote or sell any article which they believes will do wonders for your property, then you should think twice before going to such a person. A true professional will only concentrate on advising you on the best practices not selling more.

Sufficient Knowledge and Experience

Fields like astrology etc. are such that they require the practitioners to have sound knowledge as well as experience. People always prefer consulting such an astrology which has thorough knowledge and experience in his field. You can easily make out astrologers who don’t have sound knowledge on the subject as then they start faltering and giving some lame and unreliable advice. Beware of such people. A genuine consultant will have ample experience in the field.

Offering Solutions on Call or Online

Some genuine Vastu consultants also offer solutions over the phone or online. This is because such consultants have gained so much of expertise in their respective field that they are completely well versed in this field and hence, no matter what kind of doubts or clarifications which people might have and need; they are ready to take them.

Testimonials Speak for them

One good way of finding a genuine consultant for yourself is to ask your relatives or friends or even colleagues at work if they know of any good consultants. It is always a good idea to go in for a tried and tested consultant rather than opting for a complete stranger whose credibility is not known to you. People who have previously consulted any astrologers will be in a better position to guide you in this case.

Relying on Logical Mathematical Calculations

A good Vastu consultant is one who relies equally on mathematical calculations instead of blindly following certain predefined sets of beliefs. If a consultant just practices what is taught to him, he is not in a position to practically implement those beliefs. On the other hand, experts who also perform calculations to arrive at a solution are more practical and logical in their approach and can hence be more trustworthy.

Thus, these are some useful tips which you must remember while selecting a Vastu consultant in India to protect yourself from the fake and business oriented consultants who are in this field only to make money.

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