The Top Wealth Management Consultant and Community Caring Personality

David Barcomb the Senior Advisor and Managing Director of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, MA said in a press meeting that he and his group people is happy by offering mind blowing asset management services to millions of individuals, business entrepreneurs, nonprofit and profit making societies, law and chartered firms with research based solutions to make their investments money-spinning. Having been in the industry since 90’s, David is a top seasoned financial management advisor who has read and understood the trade like a book.

Very naturally, this has helped him to find out innovative schemes and ways of investment solutions based on client’s own requirements, risk factors and expectations. With more than 9 million satisfied clients back, the destination of Merrill Lynch has become a ‘second to none’ choice to prospective investors. Therefore, if you’re in need of preparing a flexible and constructive estate planning; a business person, searching for potential areas to invest or a corporate employer looking for a proficient group to consult your wealth management issues, choosing the people of Merrill Lynch is likely to be your best choice.

The Top Wealth Management Consultant and Community Caring Personality

David started his career after completion of his graduation from the Trinity University. He worked for the organization Smith Barney as its Sr. Executive and later he was given the position of Senior Vice President in this major group. The next destination of David Barcomb was USB Global which is also operating in the field of Wealth Management and a renowned company in the US. Barcomb served in USB Global from Dec 1993 to 2002 and then he joined the MA based Merrill Lynch & Company Inc. In Merrill, David is mainly focusing to the areas including corporate and individual wealth management, Mass investment planning from corporate groups, Estate Planning designed for individuals and all other investment related consultancies.

The Group’s clientele include major corporate business enterprises to cooperative societies, nonprofit establishments, individuals of affluent societies to promising businessperson. David Barcomb is equipped with a dedicated team of knowledgeable experts who work in collaboration and under supervision and guidance of David to help clients with profitable investment consultancies and schemes. After David’s joining with Merrill Lynch, another major breakthrough that the company has done and achieved is offering Wealth Management Consultancy to major Bank of America towards their massive investments.

Despite being a very busy business executive, David likes to remain involved in community related developmental activities. He is a respected board member at the renowned South Shore Hospital Charitable Foundation. In a press meeting, the CEO of South Shore Hospital Charitable Foundation has announced with great pleasure that for the community people the great news is that David Barcomb the top busy executive and MD of Merrill Lynch, Management Consultancy Group has accepted the board’s proposal to continue as its trustee member for consecutive 3 years. Incidentally, David was elected as the board member of this esteemed philanthropic society in 2007 for the first time. Today, the management of South Shore Hospital Charitable Foundation is greatly reliant to the advices and guidelines of David in connection with its varied developmental activities not only for the hospital but for the overall community advancement in MA.

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