All year long thousands of people immigrate to other countries for various reasons. Immigration in itself is a therefore consultants are required to deal with people who would want to immigrate to a given country, these immigration consultants should be conversant with the country’s immigration policies and laws, immigration ethics and procedures to be followed when processing applications for immigration etc. to be able to qualify to do this work, one must apply to do an immigration consultant course and the following are some of the ways one may need to follow.

Some countries will first require you to apply to immigration consult diploma program which is offered in various forms to suit everybody. Regardless of whether you want to study full time; part time, online, or even overseas.

Decide on which institute you are going to take the course from. It should be noted there are various programs offered by universities and colleges both at their campuses and online. So one should choose what is convenient for him whether online or not online.


 Check out the requirements asked for by the admission board most times it requires the applicant to be a citizen of that country, they will ask you to provide your education certificates and transcripts, former employment,criminal history to gauge if the applicant is of impeccable character.

Most admissions require you to pay a specific amount of money including an initial registration fee which is payable prior to filling in of the form.

Find out lists of places where the given program will be conducted and look for one that will be nearest to you. If you are to undertake the course online, one should specify the times he/she will be available for classes and examination. One should check out which programs are offered at which location before choosing it because sometimes not all programs are offered at all locations.

Other universities require you to attend an information session at the school campus where they will in comprehensive detail communicate to them the requirements of the course and what they can and can’t offer, the goals of the program etc.

Next a letter of intent will be required which is more like a personal statement outlining the reason for pursuing the immigration Consultant course, personal strengths and weaknesses and career goals.

Hand in your transcripts and academic papers with a full curriculum vitae together with the filled in application form downloaded from the school of choice website.

Scheduling a personal interview with the school with the admission committee where both parties can ask questions and get answers to areas they had been skeptical about and decide whether they can be a good fit.  A detailed Curriculum Vitae should have been submitted before the interview so that the panel can base on this as a source of information to ask questions to the applicant.

Wait for the admission form or a reply from the admission board. Most schools will send an email or a letter to an address specified.

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