How To Maintain A Clean Shaven Face

Men have always been confused about determining the right frequency of shaving. Some say, daily shaving may lead to skin issues while others say, shaving daily isn’t a problem if done so with the right set of tools. Even you might be confused with the frequency of shaving needed to maintain that clean-shaven look.

The clean-shaven look is not the thing of the past or the future, but it can be a good wear for every occasion. But, maintaining a clean-shaven look, might have a different perspective for different people.

For some, it might be about shaving in a way that can help last the shave longer. For some, it might be about not having to face the consequences like razor bumps, burns, or ingrown hairs.

Here are some grooming tips for men you can do to maintain that hard-earned clean-shaven look.

  1. Use the right products

The clean-shaven face does imply that you shave away all the facial hair. But, one mistake in doing so can lead to skin issues, which will ruin your look in a jiffy. Therefore, investing in the right set of products is important. A good razor like Gillette SkinGuard can help you get a smooth and clean shave. A pre-shave foam can lubricate and soften your beard and skin for the razor to glide on your face effortlessly. An aftershave can replenish the lost moisture for the soothing effect.

How To Maintain A Clean Shaven Face

  1. Trim before shaving the mane

If you are planning to get rid of it and wondering how to clean shave in this case, we say you follow the whole process of clean shaving by adding one step at the start. And that step is trimming. You need to start the clean-shaving process with a trimmer. You should first trim your beard short enough, maybe a 5’O clock shadow, and then start with the shaving process. This will ease the shaving process for you.

  1. Shave everyday

One of the methods to maintain the clean-shaven face is by shaving every day. Now, we know you might be thinking is it healthy for your facial skin, we say yes it is. One of the ways you can maintain a clean shave is by shaving every day. There are some noticeable benefits of shaving every day. It helps you look younger, the aftershave lotion protects your skin by providing a disinfecting effect. It also helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells. Plus, you get to maintain a clean shave as you aimed for.

So, here are some of the tips you can follow to maintain a clean shaven face. Make sure you use the right set of products since that will not only help you keep your skin healthy but also in providing a smooth shave.

If you still prefer to keep the beard, know more on how to trim a beard and stay up to date with different beard looks.

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