Choosing The Right Quality Assurance Consultant In Queensland

Choosing The Right Quality Assurance Consultant In Queensland

The most important factor in implementing any management system, is choosing one that is right for your business. And that’s why you should never settle for an off-the-shelf package.

An increasing number of Australian businesses are implementing management systems, not only to more effectively run their organisation, but also with a view to achieving International Standard certification.

One of the most commonly implemented is quality management system ISO 9001, which recently underwent a revision, making it ideal for most businesses.

Quality Goods and Services

The important thing to realise is that it’s not just a case of getting a certificate that says your organisation provides quality goods or services! It’s about creating an ongoing and ever evolving mindset throughout the organisation, centred on providing best quality, fit-for-purpose products.

If you are serious about going down this road – and it is highly recommended – your first step is to talk to a quality assurance consultant in Queensland.

Your consultant will discuss your current systems and your future goals in order to create the most appropriate management system for your business.

Choosing The Right Quality Assurance Consultant In Queensland

Set Realistic Targets

Quality management system ISO 9001 is about the long-term, it’s about setting realistic targets and goals, and putting your customers at the heart of everything you do.

As with any International Standard, communication is a key part of the process, and that involves management, employees, customers, suppliers and so on. By communicating your plans and goals you are more likely to get support from all concerned.

And remember, communicating is also about listening! Listen to what your customers want, but also listen to suggestions from employees and other stakeholders.

Communication Skills

Listening and communicating are also central to the audit process which accompanies all ISO management systems. Indeed, communication skills are taught as part of the ISO internal auditing and lead auditor training courses.

The way the whole thing works is quite simple and your quality assurance consultant in Queensland will advise.

First create and implement your quality management system, having listened to all relevant advice, and use it to monitor your organisation’s efficiency and drive further improvement. Once the system is shown to be working you can, again with your consultant’s guidance, seek accreditation.

Once you achieve accreditation, you will be able to use that fact to market and grow your business.

If you choose the right consultancy in the first place, this whole process should run smoothly. As discussed earlier, off-the-shelf is not the solution. Quality management systems need to be developed to suit the particular company.

Choose the Right Trainer

And to do that, you need a consultancy whose trainers are experienced across all major industries. Choosing a consultancy that is Exemplar Global-certified is a good idea, too.

Your consultancy should also be offering full system training of all your staff, or your management system representative.

The latest revision of the Standard – ISO 9001:2015 – puts far greater emphasis on customer satisfaction and communication, as well as a stronger focus on risk management, more emphasis on leadership and commitment, and fewer prescriptive requirements.

Your consultant should provide all documentation, training and expertise to help your business gain certification.

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