Setting Goals For Your Non-Profit

When considering the factors that lead to success or failure, a non-profit business is just like any other company. Non-profits are established to accomplish a certain mission and if they operate apart from sound business principles and practices, they are at risk of failure.

One of the most important elements in any successful endeavor is having clearly stated goals. If a company doesn’t know where it’s going, it’s probably not going to arrive at a satisfactory destination.

 Goals are Fundamental to Any Organization

 When a non-profit is first set up, it carefully outlines its mission in its founding documents and to the IRS, which gives the organization its non-profit status. However, in order to accomplish the main mission, a great many steps need to be taken. Each step has the goal of reaching the next step until the overall objective is reached.

 Non-profits have short and long-term goals. Short-term goals can generally be reached within a few weeks to a few months. Long-term goals may take years to accomplish. All goals must work in harmony to fulfill the overall mission.

Setting Goals For Your Non-Profit

 The Importance of Each Team Member’s Understanding of the Goals

Each member of the non-profit team must fully understand the goals of the organization in order for the organization to reach the desired objective. If a few members do not understand or agree with the direction the team is taking, chaos ensues. Everyone must row in the same direction in order to fulfill the non-profit’s goals in the most timely and efficient manner. Time and energy are wasted if certain members of the team are unclear or unwilling to work toward the company’s goals.

Nearly every non-profit is established to serve the public in some specific way. Whether the organization is founded as a charity, hospital, school, or whatever, its main mission is to improve the condition of mankind in a clearly defined way. Members of the non-profit should be clear on how the public is to be served and be knowledgeable enough to perform their part well.

Setting Goals For Your Non-Profit

Good Goal Setting Results in Improved Customer Service

One of the biggest challenges for the non-profit’s customers is having to re-explain an issue to several workers within the non-profit company. Being shuffled from one service agent to another until they find someone who can meet their need is extremely frustrating and discouraging to the person seeking services.

However, when every worker understands the goals, objectives, and inner workings of the non-profit, they are far more likely to be able to offer superior customer service, which reflects well on the organization and efficiently meets the needs of the public it serves. Top teams are nearly 3.5 times more likely than underperformers to say their service agents are completely empowered to make customers happy.

Setting Goals For Your Non-Profit

Key Factors in Meeting the Goal of Good Customer Relations

Worker selection is a key factor in reaching the non-profits goals. New hires and volunteers must be well suited to the mission and be qualified to provide the types of benefits the public is to receive. Employees must agree with the goals as well as the methods used to reach those goals in order for the organization to run smoothly.

Setting Goals For Your Non-Profit

Orientation and training are additional keys to providing good customer service in both non-profit and for-profit companies. Goals set by a board of directors must be clearly communicated to each trainee. Stated goals should appear on the company’s website, brochures and training literature, without ambiguity or contradictions. Otherwise, trainees will be confused about their role in the company and the non-profit’s role in the community. Customer service and the reputation of the company will suffer needlessly if there is a lack of vision and order. On the other hand, with clearly defined goals and proper training, every worker will be able to provide optimal service to the company’s customers.


 The stated goals of a non-profit organization are fundamental to keeping everyone focused on the company’s mission. A clear understanding of the goals and each member’s role in accomplishing them, enable the non-profit company to provide the public with the best customer service possible.

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