Mommy Makeover – A Plastic Surgery Trend to Be Followed

Pregnancy changes a woman’s body in many ways. The body’s shape and size changes during and after pregnancy. Most of the changes that occur during and after the pregnancy are irreversible. After few months or years after their pregnancy when women see themselves in a mirror they don’t recognize themselves as the pregnancy changed their body completely.

Unlike the earlier generation, women are not settling with the body they have after pregnancy. They want to look good, have their old self back and feel good about their bodies. For women who are willing to get back their body the way it was before becoming a mother, a trend of mommy makeover has come to light. Basically mommy makeover is a series of 4 plastic surgeries which is lined for the mothers to get back their old self completely.

The mommy makeover consists of:-

  1. Tummy tuck
  2. Breast augmentation
  3. Breast lift
  4. Liposuction

Here is a detailed description of the mommy makeover procedures for the mommies:-

  • Tummy tuck –

Tummy tuck is known as abdominoplasty in medical terms. It is procedure in which the abdominal muscles are tightened and access fat and skin are removed. This procedure is basically suitable for patients whose skin has stretched more than its natural capacity.

Most of the women after pregnancy deal with a protruding abdomen which can be easily corrected with a tummy tuck procedure. There are different types in an abdominoplasty procedure. You can choose the type of procedure you want to go forward with.

  • Breast augmentation –

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure where implants or fat tissues are placed to get the breast volume or size of the breast which had been lost because of weight loss or pregnancy.

You can choose to have silicone or saline implants. The procedure provides the desired volume and size of the breasts to the women who have small breasts or lost the volume after pregnancy or sudden weight loss.

  • Breast lift –

Breast lift is a simple procedure where the breasts are lifted and raised to give them a firmer look. The procedure removes the excess kin around the breasts which make them look saggy. Once the excess skin is removed the skin can adjust to the new shape of the breasts.

  • Liposuction –

Liposuction is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed all over the world today. The basic of the procedure is that it removes the extra fat which is present underneath the skin.

The procedure is done through suctioning. The procedure is focused on giving a healthy and regular shape to the body. The procedure can be performed in different body parts like abdomen, arms, thighs, back, hips, legs and waist.

After being a mother most women lose their individual personality. By choosing mommy makeover plastic surgery Utah you can get back your old self and be confident about your body. These four procedures are lined to give the perfect solution to the mother who have changed their bodies for another human being and are now ready to get back their old self.

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