2 Cloud Solutions For CPAs

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) job is a rewarding career choice. It has all the advantages a professional could desire from a career such as job satisfaction, prestige and respect and monetary benefits. CPAs and CPA firms alike can nowadays benefit immensely from technologies like cloud hosted SharePoint and hosted virtual desktop to assist them in their daily official activities.

2 Cloud Solutions For CPAs

Cloud based SharePoint for CPA Firms

Cloud based SharePoint has intrinsic capabilities which can greatly reduce the overall workload and facilitate the individual CPA and by that extension a CPA firm to be more productive. Mentioned below are some of the benefits availing a cloud based SharePoint solution bring to the table:

  • Impeccable document management and security
  • Effective client / CPA collaboration
  • Alerts and notifications

Impeccable Document Management and Security

Accountant’s work literally means a lot of paper work to follow, organize, manage and distribute. Doing it the old fashioned way can be time consuming, costly and can prove to be a major hurdle. Cloud based SharePoint provides the perfect solution of this problem by extending an easy to use and simplified method of storing, accessing, cataloging these documents and files. The security feature of SharePoint lets a CPA firm and individual CPAs create specific permissions and rights for people to access these critical and often time sensitive documents. Each document is first checked by the user to preserve its integrity and originality. There’s also an option to restore the document to its original state and version control. SharePoint also has the ability to store documents in various formats and ensures their easy retrieval.

Effective Client / CPA Collaboration

Imagine a busy day at a CPA firm; hordes of different clients coming in, each with paper files to submit and asking for their due paperwork. On top of that, there’s a plethora of client emails to deal and answer. If handled through conventional means, this has the potential to be a nightmarish scenario, but using SharePoint makes it a breeze. SharePoint provides clients of a CPA firm to upload their documents to be processed on a unified storage which goes directly to their concerned CPA. All the clients has to do is login using their provided credentials and securely upload the documents, the CPA will process the documents and then upload the final document ready to be downloaded. This collaboration makes the job of CPA simpler and provides greater collaboration and interaction with the clients.

Alerts and Notifications

Generating mutual alerts and notifications is an extension of the collaborative properties of cloud based SharePoint. SharePoint offers the ability for a CAP to sync calendars with their clients or team mates. This ensures that no deadline or important event passes by. Mutual alerts are generated notifying everyone involved, when something substantial and noteworthy has transpired. Visit https://www.cloudappsportal.com. The site specializes in offering free SharePoint 2013 solutions specifically designed for CPA firms and individual CPAs. 

Another viable solution that can immensely benefit CPAs is hosted virtual desktop.

Hosted Virtual Desktop benefits for CPA

The primary advantages of opting for a hosted virtual desktop are as below:

  • Mobility
  • Ultimate security
  • Access to data on 24/7 basis and cost effectiveness


Using a hosted virtual desktop liberates a CPA from the shackles of being confined to office premises for accessing data and accounting applications. This can be done through a nominally powered mobile device such as a cell-phone or tablet. All the complex computations that are considered hardware resource intensive are taken care of by the provider of the service. It’s like carrying your official desktop with you everywhere.

Ultimate Security

Data and applications that are accessed through virtual desktop reside on a secure remote server. The remote server is protected from virus intrusions, misuse and unwarranted access by impeccable security measures which includes but is not limited to encryption and password protection.

Access to Data on 24/7 Basis and Cost Effectiveness

With virtual desktop configured to a CPA’s requirements, all the data is accessible on a 24/7 basis. This means high availability and enhanced productivity. It also cuts unnecessary cost of hiring a specialized department for managing the hardware resources. Check out https://www.clouddesktoponline.com for reliable hosted virtual desktop services. Get a Cloud desktop free trial before making up your mind.

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