Mahansar, A Small, Charming and Relaxed Village Ideal For A Vacation

Mahansar, A Small, Charming and Relaxed Village Ideal For A Vacation

The Thakurs of one of the Shekhawat divisions set up Mahansar in 1768. Today, it is well known for its rich tradition and culture, the ‘Sone-Chandi ki Dukan’ that is the Gold and Silver Shop, dating from 1846 is, in addition, well-known. If you wish for a memorable vacation head to this small hamlet.

Mahansar, A Small, Charming and Relaxed Village Ideal For A Vacation

Mahansar is a charming, modest and laid back hamlet situated around 6 kilometers south west from Ramgarh and 40 kilometers from Jhunjhunu near the trifurcation of Sikar, Churu and Jhunjhunu districts in Rajasthan in Jhunjhunu district.

This Shekhawati hamlet of Mahansar can be readily reached by the neighborhood buses which ply the route from Jhunjhunu to Mahansar stopping enroute in the towns of Fatehpur (15 kilometers), Mandawa (28 kilometers) and Ramgarh. Auto rickshaws are also accessible from Fatehpur and Ramgarh but the local buses are the top choice with the buses being much more economic and quite efficient. The closest railway station is at Churu which is 18 kilometers away and one can get a direct bus from Churu. Additionally, there are three daily trains from New Delhi to Churu and vice versa. Grab one of the lucrative holiday packages like Rajasthan tour packages from Pune, or one from Delhi, etc, and visit the small hamlet.

The bus stop is on the main road that is about one kilometer from the hamlet. Since there are not any auto rickshaws in Mahansar walking is the sole choice. There’s no road leading to the hamlet, however a walking trail that is covered with desert sand. It’s a familiar sight and is quite interesting to see the Indian national bird, peacocks, bound into the old houses at the beginning of the hamlet and running across the area.

One will see a tiny green pond that has unfortunately become a rubbish pit for villagers after walking for around a couple hundred meters. The pond is also the place where the most amount of peacocks could be seen roaming around.

Mahansar is also quite popular for its tradition local liquor that is also called ‘Mahansar liquors’. It is one of the chief allures that brings many foreign travellers to this little hamlet. The liquor is now well-known due to the attempts of Rajendra Singh Shekhawat, a scion from the Mahansar family. He maintained the secret proper but has nurtured the standard drink over time.

Additionally, Kota is situated on a high sloping tableland forming part of the Malwa Plateau and close to Mahansar. The Mukandara hills run from southeast to northwest of the town. The portion of the erstwhile Rajput kingdom of Bundi. It was in 1624 that Mughal emperor Jehangir made Kota an independent state and partitioned Bundi. Kota became a section of the British Empire in 1818 and after a portion of the Indian state of Rajasthan. Now, besides the industrial center in Rajasthan, Kota additionally functions as military headquarters. Summers in Kota are hot. The city experiences light rain between August and June. Winters are cool and are the very best times to go for a tour. It is a perfect place to visit in Rajasthan for an ideal vacation. Plus, there are some interesting places to visit near Kota Rajasthan that you may also visit. Rich with history, culture, and heritage the visit to Kota is a memorable encounter.

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