Delivering The Message Of Christ Across The Asian Countries

Delivering The Message Of Christ Across The Asian Countries

Even in this modern technological world, there are many people who are spending most of their time doing genuine and sincere praying and you can find them with the holy rosary beads and with Christ’s name on their lips. They do this because there is no better path for salvation than chanting our Almighty’s name. Along with this, another way for salvation is to serve mankind and preach God’s name to everyone in need.

In the present modern world, money is weighed in every sphere and everyone understands only the language of money which means there is plenty of anger, envy jealousy, infidelity, disloyalty and several other negativism that modern man is facing. But this is not the actual way to lead life. The best way to reach one’s life is peacefully and there is peace only by taking God’s name, listening to God’s name and by serving and doing noble service to humanity. Serving the needy and poor is considered to be the best service and way for deliverance.

K.P Yohannan, the president and founder of the NGO, Gospel for Asia is getting deliverance and doing all these ways not just for himself but for others too. The GFA or Gospel for Asia as it is popularly named is an international missionary organization working towards preaching Christ’s Word in the minds of the people and praying for others. In this present world, no one helps others and pray for one’s welfare. But the GFA and the volunteers, missionaries and staff who work in this organization do a lot of social service and also, pray for those in need.

Delivering The Message Of Christ Across The Asian Countries

There are still many remote places in Asian countries that have never even heard the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. For the betterment of this universe, the Son of God had in His lifetime done a lot of sacrificial acts which is a well-known fact. Thus many people need to be made aware of the message of Christ or the words of Bible and the supreme power of vast change that it holds.

In various countries across the world, K.P Yohannan has joined hands with many other missionaries and is working day and night, praising the Lord and even by offering time and services of help by giving shelter and feeding the poor, relieving the disabled and infected lepers and even by taking care of the victims struck by natural calamities. The missionaries, volunteers, staff and everyone involved in the organization works as a family to make the world a happier place to live in. He has played a pivotal role in offering food and education to children and facilities of clean water system to backward villages apart from helping the downtrodden, needy and poor women by providing them training so that they can work with sewing machines and other such methods of livelihood.

By recording his journey of preaching across several villages of Asia, K.P Yohannan has authored over 200 books. He has been thoughtful and single-minded in his approach in striving to make the world a better place.

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