A Look Into The Famous Churches In Chennai

Of the many things Chennai is known for, it is also a hub for major churches in India. It is one of the best places a roman catholic from India can choose to visit in a Hindu country. This article talks about getting in and out of Chennai via Bangalore by checking the train availability from Chennai to Bangalore and taking a tour of all its famous churches.

Christianity arrived early in Chennai. It was brought in by one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ and christianity caught up. This is the major reason the city still sees a major number of Roman catholics to this day. One of the most famous churches in Chennai and also oldest is the San Thome Basilica church. This church draws a huge number of crowds, both christians and non-christians alike. The significance of this church is that, it was built over the tomb of St. Thomas, the apostle of Jesus Christ who came into the city. To explore the churches in the city, you can reach Chennai from Bangalore easily by road or trains. Check the train availability from Chennai to Bangalore as well while booking your ticket as the train tickets to and fro these two cities always remain in high demand. Apart from the San Thome Basilica church, here are some other churches in Chennai you might like to check out.

A Look Into The Famous Churches In Chennai

St. Mary’s Church,Chennai

The St. Mary’s Church is situated at Fort St.George and has its own particular tourism significance. It is one of the most seasoned houses of worship in Asia and was inherent the year 1680. The congregation possesses 5400 square feet territory with bended rooftop. Wood was insignificantly utilized as a part of the first plan to turn away flames. Roughly, four feet width bombproof rooftop and 4 feet thick dividers are its one of a kind components. Because of its impossible to miss rooftop structure, the congregation was utilized as sleeping quarters and storage facility amid War times. The congregation structure has experienced numerous adjustments over the time. This renowned Church is situated inside the city and is one of the significant travel fascination of Chennai.

St. Andrews Church

St. Andrew’s Church is arranged on the Poonammalle High street, close Egmore Railway Station.. The Church was worked by Scottish Community that had settled in the Chennai City in the year 1821. It is considered as one of the best Georgian Architecture structures in the entire Asian Continent. Rich mahogany wood work had been utilized to cover the insides of the Church. The richly laid, check designed marble on the floor adds magnificence to the structure. Lime stucco work adds additional style to the congregation. The arch’s breadth measures around 52 feet and 16 Corinthian roundabout columns bolster the vault. The blue shaded lapis lazuli painted arch gives it an additional appeal. The St.Andrew Church is well inside the city. It is a piece of chennai legacy and a vacation destination.

Armenian Church

The Armenian Church is situated on the Armenian road in the Chennai rural areas. Armenian shippers who settled in Chennai for exchanging reason fabricated it in the year 1771. The Armenian Church of Virgin Mary is a wonder of design excellence and one the most established holy places in India. The congregation complex comprises of a little church and turret tower. Ringer tower of the congregation is superb having six chimes and is the key fascination of the Church. The six ringers fluctuate in sizes from 21 to 26 creeps and were thrown at various times. It is considered to the biggest and heaviest ringers of Chennai. This tower pulls in a ton of visitors and is a position of travel significance in Chennai.

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