The Many Advantages Of Using Zimbra Email Hosting

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If you are looking forward to a business-oriented webmail server then Zimbra email hosting is perhaps perfect for you. Zimbra email hosting is one of the most efficient emailing solutions that helps in streamlining the whole system of business communication and also allows smooth flow of information via electronic medium. It integrates most of the communication platforms such as Ajax based emails also instant messengers with document management, calendars and task management features. Zimbra is powered by Yahoo! Inc. and is also taking over from MS Outlook and Gmail as the preferred mail server which were used for hosting business communication.

The Many Advantages Of Using Zimbra Email Hosting

Zimbra is open source software, and this means that it can be tweaked upon by the experienced users, thus making it one of the most potent instruments for communication. Also, Yahoo! Which powers the Zimbra email hosting also provides web browser based tools to the user to allow users to use this emailing solution in a more proficient manner. Emailing with the help of Zimbra email hosting can be done in a more hierarchical format by making use of the drag & drop features for calendars and mails along with contacts. It helps in saving more effort and time of the user and also allows the users to handle the workflow in aneasier manner whilst maintaining excellent levels of quality. Zimbra can also be linked with Windows based smartphones, and also Blackberry &iPhone, thus making its functionality comprehensive.

Hosting services for Zimbra emailing solution are provided across the world by some leading organizations at highly competitive rates. This email server makes data search much easier and also provides complete support to all corporate-oriented applications. Also since the importance of social networking is increasing in the corporate world, with every passing day features such as Face book, Sale force, Twitter, WebEx etc. are integrated with the Zimbra emailing solution. APIs that are used in this system allow the applications and also to many others to operate at its full capacity. Along with this, a number of other widgets can be used in combination with the Zimbra mail server without any problems.

The server that is mostly used by Zimbra email hosting is mostly the dedicated server hosting in UAE, and not the shared server hosting allowing all the resources to be dedicated to one single application.

A dedicated server hosting makes sense for the companies that may require higher data transfer rates and higher peak resources. It is because of the fact that dedicated servers help in faster loading of an individual application or websites. The server tends to run more efficiently on many distributions ofLinux, Mac and Windows operating systems. Dedicated server hosting offers:

  • Ease of usage
  • Manages back-up on request
  • Manages server monitoring and firewall
  • Makes Server monitoring easy
  • Manages Software updates

Zimbra email hosting can be made use of in the offline mode. This allows users to access mails even when there is no internet connection. Also, the Zimbra email hosting can be synchronized with MS Outlook Exchange, which allows the users to import their mails, folders etc. to this open source software.

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