VPS Server In India – From A to Z

VPS Server In India – From A to Z

Most of the transitions that take place to VPS server in India are due to the fact that the users are tired of maintaining hardware of their own servers. In fact, many enterprises have started giving a serious thought to the question – why should they maintain hardware of servers? In fact, many companies who are still not mulling the idea of going virtual, are also seriously weighing against owning hardware of servers. Instead many are opting for colocation services where they can lease dedicated hardware. However, collocation service also comes at a hefty cost. Though some may refer shared hosting as a probable solution, this hosting type is not a viable solution for medium or large enterprises because of the shared nature of the server by multiple users. This is where virtualisation is becoming more and more popular.

 VPS Server In India – From A to Z

VPS server in India provides users with dedicated virtual spaces within a single machine server. Though resources associated with root access of the machine server is shared, the virtual compartments created within the machine server have their respective operating systems. Therefore, a user having access to such a VPS space could therefore have dedicated access to it. The concerned space is not shared with anyone else. VPS solutions are far more affordable than dedicated servers but are slight more costly than shared hosting. Therefore, VPS server in India strides the middle path in terms of usability, available facilities, and most importantly cost. These available advantages have made many growing start-ups or small business opt for VPS solutions rather than other kinds of hosting solutions. In fact, customer reviews point out that most of them are very happy with the services and facilities available with virtual private servers.

Analysis of VPS Hosting with other Popular Hosting Solutions

Let’s start with VPS first. In case of virtualised private server, a single machine server is there whose hardware is shared by multiple users. However, this doesn’t make VPS same as shared server. The difference lies in the fact that the machine server is compartmentalised into multiple virtualised servers. Each virtualised server, having its own operating system, is allocated to a single user. Therefore, a user can use the hosting solution in a dedicated manner, where virtual server space is allocated to a single user but not the entire machine server. Even if a site witnesses spike in traffic, another site will not face the brunt because of larger consumption of bandwidth and server space. This is because the virtualised server space is not shared between different users. A VPS server in Indiatherefore provides better service (in terms of data security, bandwidth, and safety) to users than shared hosting solutions. However, when the performance is compared with that of a dedicated server, VPS services are not as good as the dedicated ones. This is largely because the hardware resources of the machine server (within which multiple virtualized servers are created with the use of software) are used by all the dedicated virtualised servers. However, when the factor of cost is brought in, it is found out that a VPS server in India is far more affordable than a dedicated one.

What are the different Types of VPS?

VPS are basically of two types. While one is Linux based and the other is Windows based. Until and unless one needs use of Windows-intensive applications and solutions, Linux VPS is thought of as a great virtualised hosting solution. These two VPS solutions are distinguished on the basis of the operating system used in the server.

Most VPS hosting solution provides selection of GNU/Linux operating systems. Windows are also used but the server virtualization takes place on Mac OS X Server. Here, the hardware typically uses Apple hardware. However, it is highly unlikely that there will be any kind of large scale virtualizationof the recent cancellation of the rack-mounted Xserve hardware.

When is the best time to make the change from Shared to VPS server in India?

The best time of shifting data and resources from shared hosting to a higher hosting solution takes place when there has been a consistent high traffic to the site on a regular basis. If traffic of a site has reached the threshold of 1000 visitors per day, it must be perceived that the time has come for making the transition to VPS server or even to the higher and more efficient dedicated server. However, businesses generally opt for VPS hosting in India because of the cost factor. While dedicated servers are available only when you shell out large sum of money, VPS server in India can be available at much lesser cost. Rebooting can be done easily without considering what others will go through. This is because of the dedicated nature of the virtual server.

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