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Body building involves a lot of things. Nobody realizes that when looking from the outside as it seems all just is eating good and pumping iron. But believe it or not, this is much deep than all of it. Muscle building and cutting fat can be a tedious job when you set out for it. Then there is the consideration as to what to eat, when to eat, and what routine to follow every day. Also part of the equation is steroids than can change the scenario dramatically. Among the plethora of such oral anabolic steroids that are available is one Anavar, popularly known as the perfect one due to the results it has been providing since past three decades.

What is Anavar?

This is quite an expected reaction from anyone new to the whole steroid cycle. Oxandrolone, chemical name for Anavar, was launched in early 1960’s by a lab under Pfizer Inc and commonly prescribed for burns, infections, trauma recovery, and promotion of tissues among other things. The effectiveness it delivers is what made it so hugely popular among the bodybuilders that it is featured as one of the top five anabolic steroids used in history. A rare few could only be approved as the closest thing to Anavar; this is the clout it has built in the past decades.

What it delivers?

Unlike many other compounds that happen to promote muscle mass, Anavar has been considered one to help lean muscle development. This characteristic can be attributed to its medicinal usability. So, if you are one of the few looking to add up 20-30lbs of sheer mass just in time to appear for your competition then stay away from Anavar. We have a winner for someone looking to add a meaningful 5-10lbs of heavy muscle in say a couple of months or so. This is a part of a cutting cycle that may include one or a few other elements as well. It helps to better the muscle definition by promoting fat burning in the body while you cut some calories. This is one such weapon that can make you potent enough to increase protein synthesis while you are on a calorie restricting diet yet looking to carry certain muscle mass.

Who can benefit?

Looking at the various advantages that you are going to derive while using it, this is definitely a yes for athletes. The clear reason is that you will be trying to get improved speed, strength, and increased power in the body and all of it will be provided in good time by Anavar. All of it while there won’t be excess of muscle mass to show in the body which can translate to some top of the line performance.

With hardly any side effects to name and multitude of benefits that it provides, only select few come to be known as the closest thing to Anavar in the muscle building world. Make sure you are combining any of the steroids only after consultation with your trainer or physician as it is paramount for your health.

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