Creative Nail Designs A Creation Of Art

The art of creativity is a god’s gifted talent. Creative nail designs is one of such god’s gift to each person. Nail can also be an introductory parts of our body , it can add beauty and pride to our outer appearance.

 Creative nail designs can be very much helpful in exploring your creativity in designing your nail into different designs. The creativity can be applied both in long nails as well as in short nails.

Creative nail design is one type of nail designs among various types of nail designs. This type of designs are not made by copying from other source but by using one’s own creative power and will. One can come out successfully as nail designer by using positively his creative ability.

There are various beautiful creative nail design which can be referred below –

Creative Nail Designs A Creation Of Art

A. Volga Dots Design

These types of creative nail designs are called a Volga dots design. We can see in each of the picture how the combination of dots in between gives beautiful design.

You also can create and match with your dresses. This types of design would give an elegant look in any occasion be it festivals, marriage and parties etc.

 This types of creative nail designs can suit any fancy and fashionable dresses and it gives beauty not only to the hands but also to the body.

Volga dots are attractive to the eye. Here in the picture it is clearly visible how the dots in between are clearly visible to anyone. You can also try this design and see how the magic works.

To bring a beautiful result to this type of design a dim colour can be used as a background colour , and than on top of it a dots can be maintain and it is a secret to this beautiful design.

B. Stripe Design

This types of creative nail designs are called a stripe design. This design can best suit a dress in plain colour with a single or double stripe border. This combination of nail design and dress can look dashing on any one.

C. Mix and Match Design

This types of design can be made by using a slight deep colour because whatever designs are made should be clearly visible, therefore deep colours are used. You can see the beautiful and creative art of a full body of penguin by using the first and the fourth nails of a finger. This design would especially suit the teenage girls.

D. Creative Design

This types of creative nail designs clearly reflect the creativity of a person. It is also a funny nails designs . Though it looks funny but it can help especially the children to developed his artistic and designing skills.

Therefore the  art of creativity of a person in nail designing can be developed  through creative nail designs. The children of this modern era should not be stopped from exercising his creative skill of nail designing but should be encouraged and given opportunities to developed.

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