An Amazing Architect from Lebanon

Mohammed Hamdoun

Our personally focus for today is Lebanese and international Architecture guru and Businessman Mohamed Hamdoun.

He was born in Lebanon about fifty years ago where he spent most of his younger years. He schooled at the National Protestant College (NPC) in Lebanon. After his successful completion of middle school he went on to study at the American University of Beirut (AUB). It was from there he bagged a first degree in Architecture.

Ever since his graduation from AUB, he has worked relentlessly to make his mark in the architectural and design community in Lebanon. However, his hard work, resilience and dedication to duty has paid off. It was his zeal to do more that prompted him to start his own agency – Archistyle and Design.

Over the years, Mohamed Hamdoun has gathered experience at home and far abroad becoming one the few Lebanese to cut across national and continental borders and export their architectural craft abroad. His services are required as far as in the United States of America (USA). In fact Archistyle and Design now operates between Lebanon and the US.

Archistyle and Design specialises in building, construction, project management, architectural designs as well as consultancy services. In Lebanon, this company is fast becoming a leader in the construction industry. On the international scene, it is also becoming a major player.

In the last few years, he has become increasingly popular for his masterpiece designs and his expert consultancy services. However his hard work has not gone unrecognised. His extraordinary skill set, creativity and competence has earned him numerous awards and encomium from the local and international community.

Over time, Mohamed Hamdoun has proven his creativity and experience by taken up difficult construction projects that other architects might have written off as impossible or unfeasible. This determined effort to bring to life those ‘impossible’ designs is probably the reason why his clients keep coming back.

One of such projects was about two years when a client approached him to redesign a residential building using the client’s own idea. Many architects welcome ideas from their clients but will not tolerate being told how to do their job word for word. Hamdoun carefully listened and drew a draft. He then gave a detailed analysis of why he wouldn’t totally support the client’s idea and then proceeded to supply other suggestions and alternatives.

He doesn’t just design or construct buildings, he tries to put himself in his clients’ shoes and understand what they really want. He seems to have a passion for quality service delivery. He has proven over time that he is capable of completing projects assigned to him in due time. He has even recorded projects completed before the proposed time. That is professionalism.

Finally, like every true professional, Architect Mohamed Hamdoun knows how to balance work and family. When he is not busy on the drawing board, he spends time with his two daughters and son. As an international businessman, he speaks and writes fluent English as well as Arabic.

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