How To Prepare For Drug Testing

What is a Drug Test?

According to Wikipedia, a drug test is a technical analysis of a biological specimen to determine of the presence or absence of specified parent drugs or their metabolites. Also, illicit drug use is associated with several leading causes of death in the U.S, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency. So how do you really prepare for Drug testing? Here are some ways to help you answer that.



1. Refrain from using drugs- it is easy for someone who does not use drugs, but is rather difficult to do for drug users, whether first timers or long-term users. If you can and want to stay negative in your drug test results, you should abstain from using drugs. Drug tests can detect drug residue in your system which may not be helpful for you.

2. Test yourself- you can buy a drug test kit make your own drug test at home, if you still have ample time. You can try to use urine test, and check if it goes positive or not. If the result is negative, then you can rest for a while.

3. Give time to prepare for the test- you can prepare by researching for the particular drug test you’ll be having; whether its urine, hair follicle or blood testing. You can also research on ways to remedy that will give you a higher chance of passing the test.


4. Choose the type of test that you are likely to pass- if they will allow you to, choose the test that you mostly prepared for. If you prepared for a urine drug test, then choose that one. That way, you can ensure you will get a negative result of the test and a positive news for you.

5. Don’t go for tips that are not reliable- such as buying miracle-cleanses for your body, buying poppy-seed bagels or even sprinkling your urine with salt. Those are not reliable and may even cause you more problems in the future.

Those are just basic tips or preparations you can do to help you pass a drug test. Passing a drug test is very much if you want to apply for a job and will also help you not to get criminal charges in the future. Remember, being clean from drugs is the best way to keep a healthy you.

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