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Research chemicals, more commonly referred to as designer drugs, are structural or chemical analogue of controlled substances. They are designed with the aim of imitating the pharmacological effects of the drug, but with the intention of avoiding their detection in drug tests or preventing them from being classified as illegal drugs. These chemicals comprise primarily of psychoactive substances as well as analogues of performance enhancing drugs known as designer steroids.

The production of designer drugs is most commonly considered a sub-field of drug design. A large number of these chemicals were produced with the intention of obtaining more potent substitutes of drugs, which had lower side effects, but have subsequently been chosen for illicit use. Although similar in structure or derivatives of known active drugs, they might often have completely different and unrelated effects from the parent drugs. But there are a few instances where the designer drugs have similar effects to known drugs, but having completely different chemical structures.

The question on the legality of the use of these drugs is complex. While some jurisdictions make it illegal to trade drugs with similar structures to banned drugs, other jurisdiction on the sale of these drugs fall in the grey area. Similarly, there a few designer drugs that are completely prohibited, even though their structurally similar drugs are legal to trade. Due to the tight restriction on the sale and use of these drugs, they are often found being traded in the black market.

A number of the designer drugs have been found to have undocumented benefits on human consumption.

Choosing the Right Company to Obtain Designer drugs

The right organisation would put at ease all the concerns regarding the Research chemicals being ordered. These companies take inherent precautions to minimise the inherent risks associated with the use of or experimentation with these drugs. While choosing the company to obtain one’s designer drugs, one must look at a number of factors.

One must be extremely careful while choosing designer drugs as most of them had been produced only for laboratory purposes and not been tested for safety and efficacy through animal or human trials. These drugs are not approved for human consumption and their short or long term effects are yet to be established.

Apart from this these dosages of these chemicals that are safe for human consumption also must be clearly evaluated before utilising them, as too much or too little of it can cause unknown side effects.

One must also be vary of the purity and quality of the designer drugs being obtained. Although many of the drugs being marketed are sold as having more than 95% purity, it is necessary to get the purity verified. Due to their high demand, there is a chance of these drugs being sold with lower purity and of weaker quality for pressures of meeting sales values, misrepresentation or miscommunication from the lab, adulteration as well as human error. A reputable supplier usually checks the quality of the product before supplying in order to provide good quality products to their clients.