How To Choose The Correct Addiction Treatment Program

How To Choose The Correct Addiction Treatment Program

Even though drug intake is a voluntary decision in the beginning but slowly its addictive actions convert into a compulsion. At times the victim suffers from uncontrollable and constant drug craving, which ultimately roots intense negative consequences.

Extended drug exposure damages the brain and individual’s learning, memory, inhibitory controls and motivation receptors lose their ability to self-regulate. This chronic form of drug dependency means the individual cannot stop using drugs.

Therefore a medically monitored care is needed, so as to safely detoxify mind and body. Depending on addict’s choice of substance and psychological stability, the treatment process of how to attain sustained abstinence may differ.

When you evaluate the different kinds of drug abuse treatment program keep in mind that the need of every victim differs. For example, longer and intense use of drug means lengthy and more extreme treatment process.

How To Choose The Correct Addiction Treatment Program

Treatment Programs

While considering the right treatment programs for your dear ones, who are victims of drug abuse, it is necessary that you give importance to some factors such as follow-ups and moral support, instead of considering the time required for recovery and cost.

Since drug or alcohol addiction and its treatments, pain (both physical and emotional, change in lifestyle, etc, are altogether like a package deal, it is suggested to handle the situation, delicately.

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs and Its Types

Before finalizing a right treatment program for your dear one, it is important that you understand about the types that are available. Some are listed below.

  • Brief Intervention

Substance abusers who are at the initial stages of addiction are recommended this treatment method. The people, who are involved with the patients and have the chances of developing the same problem, will also be included in this session. The session takes place at particular time intervals, and the patients will be educated with the negative effects of drug or alcohol addiction.

  • Residential Treatment

As the name says, this treatment type will be followed in the residential premises of the patients. However, the patients will be monitored closely, so as to reduce the chances of relapsing. This treatment type usually lasts for 4 weeks to 3 months.

  • Partial Hospitalization

Some patients require constant monitoring, while being treated. Even though such patients will be leading their life in a stable environment, there might be chances that some issues might provoke them to relapse. Hence, they will be attending counseling and one-to-one therapies for at least 3 to 5 days in a week and 4 to 6 hours in a day.

Counseling – Works best, when blended with other kind of treatments and follow-up. This therapy helps victims to recognize the main cause of using drugs, repair relationships as well as learn healthy coping skills.

Choosing the Right Addiction Treatment Program

Once you come to know about the types of treatments that are offered for a drug addict in any treatment center, you can then decide about which program suits best for your dear one. If you visit, then you can,

  • Contact the health insurance company
  • Personally converse with the doctor
  • Know whether there is an opportunity for you to avail an Employee Assistance Program in your job

And choose the right treatment program for your dear one. You can even shop around to keep your options open.

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