4 Ways To Honor And Remember Your Loved Ones After They’ve Passed

Sometimes the memories are all we have once we lose someone we love. Death is imminent, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep the memory of your loved ones in your heart. Sometimes you want more though, which is why there are ways people can remember and pay tribute to loved ones.

4 Ways To Honor And Remember Your Loved Ones After They’ve Passed

Sure, you pick the perfect gravestone, but it’s not always convenient to get to the graveyard. You can set up remembrance places at your own home, or in your own yard. Your loved one’s remains don’t need to be there for you to honor them.

Setting Up An Altar

Altars and shrines have been used for thousands of years as ways to honor and remember the dead. Ancient Egyptians setup shrines and altars in large gathering places, and Mexicans celebrate their dead with them and holidays such as Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

You can set up a small altar in your own home that includes a prayer candle, a photo, and maybe some other items that make you think of your loved one(s). This gives you a place to visit them in your own home and send prayer up to them when they cross your mind.

Keeping Their Grave Clean

If you do have time to visit the graves of your loved ones, one great way to honor them is to help in keeping their final resting place kept up. Obviously the cemetery has someone that does the mowing and landscaping, but you’ll find not much attention is paid directly to individual sites.

Take a fmall broom to sweep cut grass off in ground headstones. You may also want to bring flowers, a wreath, or some other item to adorn and honor.

Displaying An Urn

If your loved one was cremated, you may have an urn or even a box that they were presented to you in. While they may already be in a delightful urn, you might want to look into a keepsake urn to put them in that fits the type of person they were.

You can find angel urns for the lost angel in your life, shell shaped urns for those that loved the beach, and even more simple urns that would work perfect on your in-home altar.

Creating A Memorial Garden

Creating a memorial garden in your yard isn’t a new thing, but people are getting more clever with it. You can DIY your memorial garden with handmade stepping stones and more. Plant favorite flowers of the deceased, and include a cement angel.

You’ll also want to have a bench of some sort so you can sit out at your memorial garden to enjoy the outdoors and visit your loved one in a place that you’ve created to feel close to them even though they are gone.

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