Tips For What To Bring To Drug Rehab

Tips For What To Bring To Drug Rehab

Packing for drug rehab might seem like a daunting task. Not only because you’re going away from your friends and family, but because you’re going to get the help that you need from a place away from home. While this might be great for you and your overall health in the long run, it is also something that you have to pack appropriately for. Consider this checklist for the tips on what to bring to drug rehab when you’re ready to head off on your next adventure.

Tips For What To Bring To Drug Rehab

List of What to Bring with You

Identification and Insurance Cards – You may not need your whole wallet, but these two cards are going to be lifesavers when it comes to checking in and leaving. They need to be able to identify you, and verify insurance.

Spending Money – They might have a way for you to purchase small things while you’re there, and to do this you need cash. Bring what you can, though not a lot since you will only have to purchase small things from time to time.

Toiletries – These little pieces are ideal to have when you’re there. With everything from deodorant to shampoo and conditioner. You want to stay clean, and make sure that you keep up with your hygiene since this will make you feel better. Don’t forget your toothbrush!

Bathing Suit – If it is in the summer months, then you might want to work out and take a dip in the pools that they provide onsite. Having an appropriate bathing suit for this can ensure that you’re ready to get better, and also relax.

Music Player, Crayons, Drawing Paper – These will keep your mind busy on those down times when you are not exercises and do not have counselling. You want to have plenty to do, and plenty of things that you once loved to do.

Lined Paper, Stamps – If you want to keep in touch with people that are not able to come out and see you, so you can keep them updated on your progress then these would be ideal to have with you when you sign into the drug rehab center.

Comfortable Clothing and Sneakers – You will want to have something you can lay around in, and feel comfortable in. When you choose which clothes to bring, skip anything that you’d wear formally or to a bar or club and wear something you’d watch television in, instead.

Comforting Photos – If you bring photos with you of your friends, family and pets, you will know why you’re going through the drug rehab program to get better. They can provide you with strength and inspiration to keep going.

Be sure to let your family and friends know you love them, and take the time you need to relax, detox and unwind. You have to figure out what you want from life and heal yourself before you can provide them with anything. This is a big step, congratulations on the change and the journey you’re taking is one that will not be forgotten when you sign into a drug rehab center.

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