Finding A HIV Testing Clinic Can Be Difficult

Finding A HIV Testing Clinic Can Be Difficult

Ideally you want a clinic that allows you to get an anonymous HIV test in a private and comfortable setting.

You also want a Doctor who is knowledgeable and experienced enough in HIV testing so as to advise you on the HIV testing window period and which test is right for you. The Doctor should also be able to tell you exactly the accuracy of your HIV test.

Our HIV Testing Clinic located at Robertson Walk allows you to do just that.

We are a Ministry of Health certified 100% anonymous HIV testing clinic. You can get a HIV test at our clinic without needing to give us your name or any other type of identification.

The HIV test is conducted on the spot and you can get your results in 20 minutes or less. This means you do not have the inconvenience of having to re-visit us to get your results. After the test, the test strip is discarded and there will be no records of your testing. This is to ensure the 100% anonymity of the test.

All our Doctors are specially trained in HIV testing. They can give you the latest information and advice on HIV testing. They will advise you on what test to do and what the accuracy of your HIV test is.

Finding A HIV Testing Clinic Can Be Difficult

Our clinic is also certified by the Ministry of Health for good infection control measures. All the equipment that we use for HIV testing are used only once and immediately thrown away after use. This includes gloves, needles, capillary tubes etc

There are several types of HIV test available including RNA PCR test, 3rd Generation ELISA test, 4th Generation Combo test, Western Blot etc. All these tests have different window periods. That means it is very important to know which test to do at what time after a person is exposed for maximum accuracy.

All this can get very confusing and finding information on your own can make you even more worried and confused.

The best thing you can do is to come down to our HIV Testing Clinic at Robertson Walk. Our Doctor will analyze your risk situation and advise you on exactly what test you should be doing.

Because we are a 100% anonymous HIV testing clinic, even if you test positive, nobody else will be notified.

Another great source of worry is to look for symptoms. The early symptoms of a HIV infection are very similar to the symptoms of Influenza. In fact, aside from Influenza, many other infections and illnesses share the same symptoms as that of an early HIV infection. So, it is very easy to get extremely worried over symptoms. Trying to analyze your symptoms yourself will only lead to more anxiety and worry.

At our HIV testing clinic at Robertson Walk, our experienced Doctors can analyze your symptoms with you and determine if they can be caused by HIV or not.

Remember that if you have been exposed to HIV, you may also have been exposed to other STDs. Our Doctors will be able to advise you on the need for screening for other STDs based on your risk exposure and your symptoms.

Stop worrying unnecessarily and come to us for a test today.

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