5 Hobbies That Highly Successful People Got Into

5 Hobbies That Highly Successful People Got Into

There is a small number of people from around the world that most would consider successful. Oftentimes, the majority of us look at these people with awe and amazement, from a distance. Yet behind the limelight, these men and women are actually just like any other person in the world—and you will be surprised to know that they have extremely ordinary hobbies.


Normally, people leading more comfortable lives would choose to hire a gardener to tend to their lawn, but Sienna Miller, an actress, model, and fashion designer, decided to scratch the idea off and do the gardening on her own. As a vegetarian, she owns a lovely cottage in England and unwinds from her busy life by growing greens. An even more notable personality who is a huge fan of an organic lifestyle is Prince Charles, who has been an advocate of this for years.


In the eyes of most, a very busy person like VP of Uber’s Corporate Development Department Cameron Poetzscher can’t possibly have other non-work activities. However, Poetzscher actually runs a blog that focuses on the unparalleled beauty of Australian destinations. Besides the tourist side of the continent, his blog posts also touch significant aspects of the culture and current events.


It is safe to say that nobody in the world hasn’t heard of the name Bill Gates at least once in their lives. The front man and father of Microsoft, he first became a billionaire in 1987, and, since then, has been a well-known name. In his downtime, Bill Gates actually enjoys playing tennis, and he even meets people like Roger Federer because of this hobby. As an aside, Cameron Poetzscher from above is also into sports, and runs a completely separate blog dedicated to his adventures.

Creative projects

Expressing one’s self using a paintbrush is actually another hobby of Prince Charles. He enjoys painting nature scenes with a pale palette of watercolours. He usually paints during overseas holidays, when he can stay in one place for hours to capture the image. Other successful public figures who are painters include George W. Bush, who recently published his own book of paintings called, “Portraits of Courage”.

Playing musical instruments

Warren Buffet, CEO of one of top 10 largest companies in the world in terms of revenue, has been playing his ukulele for decades. He also uses his pastime and talent for generating funds for charity. British entrepreneur Rashid Ajami, who is a musician, also shares this hobby, aside from it being the focus of his career, too.

While all the people mentioned above are very successful, it is interesting to see that most, if not all of them, have pretty ordinary pastimes. This only goes to show that they, too, have their ordinary and simple sides that even the majority of us can relate to.

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