What To Look For In A Staten Island Attorney

There are many types of legal disputes that arise between people and businesses. When they do, each side usually hires an attorney to represent them and goes to court to get a settlement. For many people, hiring the best Staten Island attorney to represent them in court means finding one who has a reputation for being aggressive. This is especially true when there is a lot riding on the outcome. They want someone who is a real go-getter and doesn’t take “no” for an answer. They want to win their case and they need someone who is prepared to do just that at any cost.

Hiring an attorney based on their reputation for being an aggressive litigator could be one of the most costly mistakes you have ever made. People who have never been in a courtroom before may base their ideas of what it is really like on the courtroom antics of celebrity lawyers on popular TV shows. While this makes for entertaining drama, the reality of litigation is much different when you are one of the parties involved in a dispute.

What To Look For In A Staten Island Attorney

Areas of Specialty and Experience

There was a time when attorneys were not allowed to claim to be specialists in certain areas of the law. Today, attorneys often focus on certain areas of the law and have handled similar cases time and time again. The area of expertise and degree of experience are the most important qualities to look for in an attorney for any type of case. Frank Savona is a Staten Island attorney with a wide array of legal services and unmatched experience and skill in many areas of law.

Each area of the law has laws that apply to specific situations and these may differ from state-to-state. The most aggressive lawyer is not going to do the best job of representing you if they don’t have the expertise they need to argue the specifics of your case. Hiring a divorce attorney to handle your home purchase is not likely to result in the best outcome for your case. Look for an attorney who has a minimum of ten years of experience representing clients in your state in cases similar to yours.

Be Reasonable

When a legal dispute occurs between businesses or partners, the best approach is to find a reasonable solution to the dispute and move forward. All you want is to get a settlement that is fair without a lot of hostility growing as the case drags on. Preserving the working relationship may be a necessity for both parties. If something like a contract dispute is at the core of the legal issue, an experienced attorney will know how to negotiate a settlement adeptly and quickly so you can move forward with your business.

The best time to get a Staten Island attorney to assist with your contracts, financial documents and transactions is before you make any agreements. The preparation of any document by an expert will make it less likely that a dispute will arise in the future.

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