Professional Legal Assistance When You Need It Most

A law firm exists to protect the legal interests of their clients. As such, they should be accessible and available to you when the need arises, and on your terms. UK law is complex and it can frightening, but a trained and professional solicitor can work with you to get all of your questions answered and provide you with the peace of mind that you crave. Naturally, there is a myriad of reasons why individuals and businesses might require legal assistance, but firms such as Hanne and Co Solicitors have stood at the ready to assist London residents for many decades. Their track record speaks for itself, as do the numerous client testimonials received throughout the years.

Business Services on Offer

Naturally, individual UK residents are not the only people in need of a solicitor. Business entities most certainly have a need to protect their varied interests, and occasionally they required being defended against unscrupulous individuals or lawsuits, so legal aid is required. Professional law firms are certainly qualified and ready to handle a variety of legal issues that affect UK businesses, many on a routine basis, and others as a result of a one off dilemma that we all face from time to time.

Professional Legal Assistance When You Need It Most

There are five main areas of business law that many such solicitors currently supports and can provide services for. These include company law, commercial law, commercial real estate legal issues, education law, and employment law. In addition, the firm is able to provide notary public services for any legal issue that might arise for a business in the UK. The firm has staff on hand qualified and licensed to offer a comprehensive array of legal assistance to small,medium-sized businesses in the area of company law. This can include the formation of the company itself, partnerships, and sole traders. These are areas that are complex to dive into alone, so it is really beneficial to retain the services of a qualified solicitor.

Education law is another area of interest to many in the United Kingdom, and solicitors at the firm are able to offer professional legal service to any school, academy, or another type of educational institution. There are many legal issues facing UK schools today, and it often takes a professional legal firm to effectively navigate this landscape and ensure that the educational institution and affiliated stakeholders are protected from any action that might arise in the course of daily operations. In addition, the nation is increasingly concerned that all schools and educators act in accordance with existing law, and that all educational organizationsare properly licensed and structured. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult in recent years for the average layperson or committee to charter such an institution and keep it in accordance with existing law. For this reason alone, a professional legal firm is worth their weight in gold. They have trained and licensed lawyers assigned specifically to education law. They work hard to keep abreast of current legislation, and they understand what an academic institution anywhere in the United Kingdom needs to do in order to stay legal and provide maximum benefits to their many students. Retaining a solicitor is likely the wisest move that an academy or school can make.

Partners with Experience on Their Side

When you need legal assistance, no matter what the reason might be, you will certainly want to make certain that the solicitor on your side has the experience and knowledge to truly represent your best interests. Many legal firms come with a qualified team that has decades of experience in all aspects of UK law. As an example, one partner in child care law has been with a major firm since 2005 and has been licensed to practice law in the UK since 1997. She specifically represents clients who are parents, and their children, with any care related proceedings. Any client coming to the firm with an issue requiring the services of the child care law team can be comforted by the fact that an experienced solicitor is representing their case and protecting the interests of the child, and the parents, equally.

Business entities of all varieties are also concerned about having and retaining only the best legal team to represent them. With that in mind, the employment and commercial law division at a law firm employs some of the most experienced and professional solicitors anywhere in the United Kingdom. Consider one partner in the division who has been with his firm since 1988. Prior to that, he was employed as a manager at another legal entity for one decade. All of this combined experience enables him to lead a team that focuses on providing the best legal advice and quality services to both corporate and individuals alike. The solicitors at the firm specialise in one particular area of UK law and conduct regular training and attend numerous seminars to stay on top of the latest developments. This enables them to focus on their area of specialty and ensures clients that their lawyer of choice understands the ins and outs of the legal issues that they are facing.

Choosing a solicitor is one of the biggest decisions that an individual or business will make. When enlisting the services of a legal firm, the individual is entrusting the company with their own legal well-being, and they want to know that the solicitor can be trusted to protect all of their interests. This involves the preparation of legal documents, the resolution of custody disputes, the setting and mediation of employment disagreements, and a host of other legal matters that simply require the assistance of a legal firm. Many firms stand at the ready to represent individuals and businesses alike, and they are capable, qualified and experienced to navigate the legal landscape of the United Kingdom.

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