5 Reasons To Use Online Rent Payment

With the advent of the internet, it is becoming far more effective to accept rent payment online. More landlords are able to utilize the internet instead of running door-to-door to accept checks. If you are in the property management business, included here are a few reasons to begin utilizing the internet for your monthly task.

5 Reasons To Use Online Rent Payment

Quick Payment

No longer do you have to deal with the hassle of visiting each rental property to gather your checks. And no more trips to the bank to deposit all of those checks. With online rent payment, your tenants can easily submit their rent for direct deposit to you quickly. No hassling with tenants, bankers or waiting for deposits.

Consolidated Payment

It can be far more difficult to work with tenants when attempting to rent out a home to multiple roommates. You don’t have to deal with one roommate being late or multiple checks if you utilize online payment. The tenants can easily coordinate their monthly payment together and be sure it is deposited to you on-time.

Save the Environment

Yes, online rent payment does help save the environment. It does this by allowing your tenants to stop purchasing checks, made from paper, just for rent. You also help the world by not driving to and from rentals to the bank for deposits; and with online bank statements and quick deposits, you no longer have to receive paper copies of receipts and account balances in the mail.

Save Checks

Many rental customers are young people recently moving out of their parents house. They are able to quickly and easily pay all of their bills online with their cards. By allowing them to utilize an online system they will not have to order checks. Ordering checks has become a far-dated system and will be unnecessary for nearly everything else but rent.

Be Tech-Savvy

In a world that has become increasingly friendly to the internet and all it has to offer, people are more attracted to businesses that cater to tech-savvy clientele. Tenants will appreciate the opportunity to pay online and will feel it reflects up-to-date, modern thinking on the part of the landlord. It may show them that your properties will be well taken care of and updated as needed.


Moving to online rent payment is a vital movement for any landlord or property manager. You will benefit in both your own costs and those of your tenants. You will also be more appealing to higher-end tenants who may be willing to pay more in rent for the improved amenities. Begin by instigating online bill payment and move on to online video property tours to make yourself more appealing to a wider array of customers.

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