Enjoy Dubai dinner in floating restaurants

Riding on a floating Restaurant in the Dubai Creek can be the right setting for a romantic get together for couples. There are many means of enjoyment on the dinner cruise as it has the right ambience set up for an evening of enjoyment. Perfect lighting, great music, choicest food and rhythmic dancing of the dancers set up an evening of fun.

Being built on a several generations of Islamic tradition there are certain do’s and don’ts that one must keep in mind while visiting Dubai. Dubai follows certain conservatism when it comes to the dressing up, especially women. They may not wear the same kind of attire as they would normally do in their country. For no good reason they may end up in jail because UAE is does not allow it. There are also certain restrictions on the language that is being used. Profanity of any nature is strictly not allowed. Despite the restrictions all the tourists are guaranteed a pleasurable time because the Arab people are very hospitable. One usually forgets where one came from while enjoying the festivities.

The atmosphere is electric when you visit one of those floating restaurants. The view from the top deck is breathtaking and the buffet food is very delicious. There are three ways to book a ride on the dhow in Dubai. The first one is the direct way by which one can call the hotel directly. The second most convenient way is to book the package online. But if one opts for one of the travel packages then the travel agents can help in booking the ride. One can book the entire package well in advance, as much as six months in advance. This is opted when the traveller seeks a particular suite, cabin in the dhow. The ones near the balcony have the best view and are the most desired. The package can also be booked just before the time of travel. The advantage of booking just before the time of travel is that the prices of the packages are lower with special discounts. Here one must do ones research when choosing the right package and choosing the right hotel. Here the reviews left by past customers come in handy and help in getting the ultimate feeling while visiting the floating restaurant in the Dhow. The travel package includes transportation on a sharing basis and the customer gets picked up from any hotel in Dubai. The cruise departure is scheduled at 9p.m., extending up to 10:45 pm.

Aboard the Dhow the guests are taken good care of. The courteous staff treats their guests gently and provides them with enough food and drink whenever they require. Tanoura and Emirati youwla dancers spice up the night for an evening of entertainment. If the customer desired alcoholic beverages then there are bars to offer them just the right of drink they prefer.  Taking pictures is allowed and there is the scenic beauty of Dubai night to capture in the camera. On completion of the night the travelers are dropped off to their pick up point.

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