Dubai – The Must Visit City In The Middle East

One of the most beautiful cities located in the Middle East is Dubai. It boasts of having liberal policies, significant and fabulous tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, excellent infrastructure, and much more. If the person is planning to visit Dubai for a holiday with the family, then it is essential on his part to plan out much in advance to ensure that nothing is missed out during the trip, which otherwise is likely to lead to only being disappointed.

Dubai – The Must Visit City In The Middle East

Top places to visit when in the city of Dubai

  • Burj Khalifa: It is currently a wonderful place and boasting of being the world’s tallest building. It is about 838.8m in height. There is an observation deck located for visitors to check out whole of Dubai city at 124th floor, stated to be the highest observation deck of the world. This place showcases the beautiful skylines of the city from bird’s eye perspective that can be stated to be quite amazing. It is necessary to have a ticket booked in advance for avoiding long queues or to spend additional money for timely entry.
  • Gold Souk: It is the largest gold market in the world, known to sell gold at affordable rates and of very high quality. This place does attract gold lovers from all parts of the globe to purchase something or the other.
  • Desert safari: This is something that one should not miss out, since a trip is sure to be incomplete without exploring the desert safari. One can book for visiting the sandy ridge set among exhilarating landscape for indulging in sand skiing and camel rides. Photos can be clicked at random sporting those traditional Arabic costumes to watch Arabic dance as well as to indulge in barbecue dinner along with the beloved ones.
  • Dubai Mall: It is also popularly known as shopper’s paradise. This city boasts of having numerous malls having the largest shopping attractions of the world. The Dubai mall is considered to be classy and unique that is sure to compel you to purchase. It is indeed an ideal place for endless shopping and to indulge in various fun related activities every now and then. The marine life can be enjoyed at the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo, to watch movies at multiplexes as well as dine at the eateries and restaurants that mushroom the city.
  • Dubai Fountain: In case, drenching in rain is what the tourist loves or to dance, then the Dubai Fountain is undoubtedly the best place to be to cool oneself. Also, it is termed to be the largest dancing fountain of the world with unified World, Western and Arabic music. Burj Khalifa is in its backdrop offers a wonderful view. This fountain is about 900 feet long and boasts of having 25 color projectors and 6600 superlight, thereby making it the earth’s most illuminated spot.

Having a look at the local classifieds Dubai before the trip can help the tourist to make the most out of their travel in Dubai.

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