Which Works Best In Dubai? Renting A Car Or Buying A Car

Although there are people who choose to buy their own cars when they move to Dubai, there is a sizeable population that opts not to do so and instead choose to rent for a number of reasons. Many dealers normally give attractive offers throughout the year with special attention being given to the Ramadan thus making it very tempting to buy a car. However, a large number of road users find car rentals in Dubai to be more beneficial as they come with some attractive deals which far outweighs buying one outright.

Which Works Best In Dubai? Renting A Car Or Buying A Car

Many car renters in Dubai consider this option to be easy on their pocket and also hassle-free. The fact customers do not have to worry about maintenance and repairs when the car breaks down makes car rental Dubai a suitable option for many. In case of a breakdown, the customer only calls the supplier and gets a replacement as the other car gets fixed. Buying a car sees its value depreciate with time and immediately it is driven out of the showroom. Car rental companies however offer huge discounts for long term rentals in addition to accident replacement vehicles, pack-in insurance, periodical car maintenance and servicing and roadside assistance.

In addition to the above, those who choose Dubai car rentals appreciate that there is no mileage limitations which makes this option a great bet and especially if one wants to travel for long distances throughout the rental period. If you have to drive long distances each day, you will discover the impact it would have on your personal car and this is something that does not need to worry you when you choose to rent a car Dubai. There is also the benefit of reducing the annual vehicle insurance routine plus there is no down payment.

One main disadvantage with car rental is that one has to pay Salik at a rate of Dh5 as opposed to Dh 4, which is the standard rate. Some suppliers also have some hidden charges which many customers do not know about. However, doing some research prior to the booking can help avoid this last inconvenience and get the best deals that come with outright charges right from the word go.

Considering that many dealers offer huge discounts, no installment plans, deferred payments, free registration/service and maintenance packages, renting might come as a great option compared to buying your own car.

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