How To Improve Your Indoor Air?

The air that we breathe in can define the health of our body. Air is most certainly the important factor that determines our life. It is also the factor that needs to be looked into more often as it seems to be ignored. As we can get free air, we think that all air is good air. This is absolutely wrong. In order to lead a healthy and fresh life, we must let in fresh air to our homes. Stale and musty air that has been clogged inside without any proper ventilation must be immediately let out.

How To Improve Your Indoor Air?

Below are some essential tips for you to maintain good indoor air quality. Follow them and reduce the sources of contamination –

Proper Ventilation –

Keep your doors and windows open at least for some time. It is a way to let in fresh air and toss out all the stale air that is smelly and impure. Try to keep them open whenever the temperature and humidity permit to do so. Also, make sure that outdoor allergens do not enter the rooms. You can use mechanical filters for this purpose.

Use Air Cleaners –

You can use machines that help you control the dust levels inside your home. There are several types of machines such as electrostatic systems and ion generators. You must make sure that these machines have very minimal ozone release certificates.

Manage the Fire –

If you have places like furnaces, fireplaces, heaters, and exhaust fans, you must be pretty sure that they are vented outside pretty well. Their vents must be away from the windows so the impure air doesn’t come back again.

Use Air Purifiers –

Air purifiers eliminate bad pollutants in the air and ensure that the air you breathe is safe and clean. It not just controls the sources of pollution, but also provides adequate ventilation in your home. You can buy air purifier online and theequipments are also safe to use and certified by the government.

Other Tips Include –

  • Avoid smoking inside the house. Tobacco smoke is very injurious to health and contains many indoor pollutants.
  • Do not use harsh cleaners, strong fragrance cleaners and solvent-based cleaners.
  • Clean your bedding and pillow covers regularly.
  • Do not walk around the house wearing the shoes that you use outdoors. Have separate footwear for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Use mats at all entrances for your home. Tell the guest to use the mats before entering.
  • Grow indoor plants to improve the quality of indoor air. They inhale carbon dioxide and let out oxygen which is very essential for humans. Also, as it comes from the natural sources, it is considered healthy and safe.

Impure air can pose many problems to your health. Indoor air pollution can be avoided by taking simple measures that do not even take much of your time and energy. Use of room air purifier, cleanliness, dusting and mopping all go in to the measures that can be taken to keep the air fresh and breathable for you and your family.

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