Why You Should Get A New Air Conditioner Installed?

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There are many reasons that could help you decide to install a new air conditioner. On an average, the life expectancy of most air conditioner units is ten years. Any unit that is more than 6 to 8 years old is bound to show signs of its impending demise. You are going to be burdened with exorbitant repair bills and not to mention the high energy costs. In fact, it is better to replace it. If you wait till the moment your air conditioner completely fails then you will experience extremely uncomfortable moments. A new air conditioning installation is the best way out.

Why You Should Get A New Air Conditioner Installed?

  • Efficiency in Energy Use

The latest air conditioners can help you save nearly 60% of the money that you may be currently spending on cooling your home. The amount is certainly a significant one especially when you consider that the majority of home energy costs are spent in this sector. Air conditioners have a metric called Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating or SEER. The newer units will have a SEER of 14. However, old units tend to have a SEER around 9. Of course, a higher rating translates to increased energy efficiency and so there is more saving in the long run.

  • Warranty Issues

A new air conditioner installation will also get you a new warranty. Older units become more expensive to maintain. Each successive maintenance program will increase the costs. The repair may not be covered by the warranty anymore which means replacement of parts would be an expensive affair. Even if you had gone for an extended warranty, there is no telling whether you will get new parts for your air conditioning unit.

  • Elimination of R22 Freon

The industry has taken the step to eliminate the use of R22 Freon in a bid towards environmental safety. The compounds in this R22 deplete the ozone layer and so their use may be highly unsuitable. Instead, the industry has begun to use the R410A coolant as a replacement for R22 Freon in air conditioners. This new coolant is safe for the ozone layer.

The production of R22 Freon is going to stop completely by the year 2020 and this means that your old air conditioners might to repair and maintain as the years pass. Also, since R22 Freon is going to be unavailable soon, you will be simply wasting money in repairing an air conditioner unit that is going to become useless. Instead, you can invest that money in a new air conditioningthat will last longer. Your investment will also return through higher energy savings.

Why You Should Get A New Air Conditioner Installed?

  • Safer for the Environment

Nowadays, recycling has become a better process. The new air conditioners are smaller but more powerful. The waste produced by these units after their eventual demise is much lower than before. The modular design of the new units enables them to be taken apart whenever required. Cleaning, servicing and maintenance also become easy. The easy dismantling of the units also allows in easy recycling process.

  • Quality of Air

The quality of air inside your home can be as polluted as the air outside. There can be smoke, chemicals, and dust that contributed to it. The poor class of air is a series health hazard. A new air conditioning installation can eliminate these problems through the latest air filters placed in them.

The benefits of going for a new air conditioning installation are real. Of course, you need to ensure that the air conditioner installation is done in a proper manner. This will ensure that the unit lasts longer and gives you a better performance.

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