TotalVPN Review: Lower Cost, Offer A Free Trial

TotalVPN Review Lower Cost, Offer A Free Trial

TotalVPN is an American-based VPN service provider, was founded in 2015, it is very young. Currently TotalVPN in 20+ countries (regions) established the server node, a total number of 100+ dynamic IP support PPTP, IPSec, IKEv2, OpenVPN tunneling protocol provides Windows, Mac, iOS and Android clients, in the future they have a plan for Chrome Extension.

TotalVPN Review Lower Cost, Offer A Free Trial


In this TotalVPN Review we are mentioning the packages of this VPN. TotalVPN packages offer a free trial, the trial package is only for three server nodes, it supports all the tunneling protocols, but there are traffic restrictions based on the past experience.

TotalVPN packages for the Total Premium, according to the time length pricing packages, including: Monthly package, $ 5.99 / month Annual Plan of $ 4.79 / month Two packages of $ 3.99 / month TotalVPN supports different payment methods which are: PayPal, Visa / Mastercard and AE card payment (domestic dual currency credit card should not be a problem). Another good option is TotalVPN is providing 30 days money back guarantee.


TotalVPN is headquartered in the United States, TotalVPN is offering 2 packages for their customers, free and paid packages are two in which the free package is limited to three lines, traffic restrictions and limits the number of connections; pay packages, you can use the server node 30+, unlimited traffic and bandwidth and supports up to three devices simultaneously online.

TotalVPN current number of servers is not much, in 25 countries (regions) to establish a server opened a 30+ server nodes, where the majority of North American and European lines. Furthermore, TotalVPN though a dynamic IP, but only 100 + dynamic IP, in fact, nearly static IP level, serious doubts are part of a single IP address server node.


At the beginning of the article mentioned TotalVPN offers 4 encryption protocol: IKEV2, IPsec, PPTP and OpenVPN ( understand the difference ).

Current common protocols are supported, the user can choose according to the actual situation. P2P file sharing is not expressly prohibited, there is no clear encouragement, but if you run you need to follow the following figure content. TotalVPN in the United States, there may be summoned US authorities government agencies. (However, if you do not engage in illegal online activities, fear of wool). Then sales disputes are governed by the United States , Massachusetts law protection, as shown below. The official website did not mention the connection log, so that the Best VPN Provider may retain the user access logs.

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