Aspiring Engineer? How Good Are You At These?

Aspiring Engineer How Good Are You At These

Engineering is not only about having a good command over math and science, or being a bright student. The course manufactures a confident and smart adult ready for the corporate world. If you want to pursue engineering, ask yourself whether you are good at the following or not?

Aspiring Engineer How Good Are You At These

Communication skills – This includes both the writing skills as well as oral presentations. No matter how hard you have worked towards your project, it will be understood by people if only presented well. It also includes listening and reading. Communication is a two way street.

Mathematics – Math covers a very large range of variety of mathematics, which includes calculus, linear analysis, differential equations, geometry, tensors, etc.  All kinds of engineering will include the quantitative analysis of designs.

Information Technologies – This will include using the computers efficiently, making the most of the latest communications technologies when they become available, the mundane stuff like e-mail, creating presentation packages, handling attachments, editing documents.  All of these tools are necessary in the engineering field.

Physics – Just Like math, Physics too pervades all kinds of engineering.  This includes a very large interpretation of physics.  Proper understanding of how things work on fundamental level is very important.  This also could include biological processes, chemical reactions, material properties, quantum mechanics, orbital mechanics and basically how things work.

Creativity – Engineers are creative and come up with new ways of doing different things.  This is a creative process.  One is creative by birth, but it can also be practiced. Constantly keep looking out for things, which you do not understand and keeping asking yourself why it is how it is.  As and when you begin to notice the patterns in the how and why of things, you can fill your brain with many ideas and this will automatically start to make connections in disparate things.

Learn to accept criticism – Often you will get to hear people talking about offering constructive criticism, which is very important.  Feedback is always great for the benefit of the person receiving it. It will be you, who will benefit from criticism that someone gives you.  And you must definitely reward the criticism and take it sportingly. When someone begins to criticize you, be patient and listen carefully. Then give a thought over it.  And then thank them for the criticism. Now ask them for further clarification.  Do not let your immediate reaction be “No, You’re wrong” even if you think it is true. Do not begin explaining to them as to why you did something that you did, not in the beginning at least. Remember, you need to make the most of this benefit.  Criticism is one of the most important things in life in order to do well. If you have not critics, you will keep repeating the same mistakes again and again.

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