Train Your Whole Brain To Accelerate Your Learning

Train Your Whole Brain To Accelerate Your Learning

In this article you will discover the importance of working and training in a balanced way both parts of the brain, not just your dominant hand, to develop the full potential of your brain, improve your memory and accelerate learning.

Usually it arouses a special interest among some people (and also among some therapists) classified or defined in terms of its dominant part of the brain:

The left side, logic and analytical.

Right creative, artistic or.

The first thing I would point out is that this classification is not as simple to do, in most people is much more complex than it seems to answer the question of what your dominant part of the brain. But besides not being as easy as it seems, this classification is not adequate to enhance the capacity of our brain and develop their potential.

Train Your Whole Brain To Accelerate Your Learning

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It is a form of labeled and pigeonholed, and like any form of typecasting, is a way to limit yourself. Put our own thoughts limit our brain and our mental capacities, and that is precisely what is to expand these capabilities to develop them in different ways and directions.

For example, if you are very methodical in your work, that does not mean you have to always have an analytical thought and cannot be creative. But if you think, you’re limiting yourself and in the end, your thinking becomes a reality and you cannot expand your skills to other fields.

The same could happen in reverse, the fact that you are a very creative person, does not mean you cannot manage accounts quick and complicated numbers very efficiently.

Both sides of your brain (the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere) are equally capable of processing information, the only difference is the way, the way they do:

The left hemisphere processes information linearly. Take the information, aligns and gives a logical sequence to reach a conclusion. People with dominance of the left hemisphere like making lists. They love to schedule tasks and schedules and mark each day as completed. They are dealing with reality more easily and adapt to different situations easier.

The right hemisphere processes information at random. People with a predominance of this side, they move from one element to another, jumping from one topic to another, take more than one approach. People with a predominance of this hemisphere have more linguistic and mathematical difficulties need to see and touch objects. They do not adapt easily to the environment, rather seek to intervene on it, modify it.

Each and every one of us preferably use our dominant side to process information, but we can develop our intelligence, memory enhancing and accelerating our learning if we learn to use both sides evenly and train both frequent and constant form.

The first step is to stop typecast in a way to think, process information, to analyze things. Allow yourself to expand your mental field. And secondly, trains both sides of the brain, combined exercises logic, mathematics, abstract thinking, with exercises and activities involving creativity and development of random thought.

Working your part of the nondominant brain will Requiring more effort, and especially practice. But if you do, and you are a person of analytical thinking you can learn to process information and think creatively and random. And backwards. If you are a person of artistic intelligence you can develop your language skills and math and your logical and analytical thinking.

I would like to leave me a comment about your impressions. Do you consider yourself a person with a predominance of your left brain, or else you consider a person right predominance? What are your main difficulties in processing information? Click here to know about brain enhancing drugs.

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