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Web Services For Free JEE Mains Rank PredictorJoin entrance exams are the exams which are mainly conducted for the admissions on the various engineering colleges and IIT JEE exams are for the admissions on the IIT colleges (Indian institute of technology) which are mainly government operated institution and are of top engineering colleges of the nation. The JEE exams are held on every year on the month of April or may after the higher secondary exams of all type of schools are over and every year million students participates on this exams for admission on colleges.

The result come within a month and beyond that after completion of exams and before that, students use to predict their result or guess their percentage and cutoff marks of the examination by using various rank predictor services and apps. The free jee main rank predictor services are one of the finest solution and a way for the entire aspirant to know about their chances and satisfaction after the exams.

Let we know about these:

  • Online prediction on coaching websites: Some of the coaching institutions launch the rank predictor application on their official website which asks few details from the students and on the basis of that, they calculate the average percentage. On the basis of inserted details and other information, they give the average percentage of the students and their chances to qualify on the exam or not.
  • Various mobile applications: Another source of the rank prediction is the mobile applications. Nowadays every person either uses iPhone or Smartphone and there are lots of application had been developed for prediction and analysis of the result. These applications are made by application developers and such app launches mainly before the result or just after the examination and many students checks their chances or probability of the result.
  • Offline prediction by coaching centers: these prediction are also organized or declared by the coaching institutions and they declares on the paper or in the form of any news on the paper where student collect those result from the coaching center by going there and calculate their chances of being in.

Now apart from that, lots of question came on our mind while using or come to know about such services of free jee main rank predictorthat can I predict my rank? Are all those prediction are exact or somewhat true? And other lots of question are there on the mind. The answers for such question is not exactly true or correct but in correct about 60% approximately and more than that because the rank predictor mechanism mainly needs information about 2 things of the students and they are:

  1. The marks scored by the student on the higher secondary education or 12th standard.
  2. The marks obtained on the JEE main examinations.

These two things would mostly tells the student about their prediction whether they can enter on the good engineering college or not. On the basis of these things only the predictor analyzes and predicts the average cutoff marks for the students or the average marks for getting admit on the good engineering colleges of the country. Now the big question arises here that does the result of higher secondary affects the JEE mains and its procedure? Then the answer is probably yes because if the percentage of the higher secondary exams are less then you need to score more on the JEE mains examinations for getting the best colleges. That is why most of the students every year disappointed by these criteria as they scored less on the 12th but scored somewhat well on the main examinations. These JEE mains rank predictormethods are doing nothing but gives student a clear scene regarding their chances so students are mentally prepare with their options as per that but we cannot say that such predictors are always true or gives the perfect or similar results. Many times also happen that the prediction not going well or at it expected and many students were disappointed after the final result came out. The one of the only way for the good result and not depending on such prediction is to have good score on the 12th as well as JEE mains so there would be more chances of selection for the good colleges.

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