Activities To Be Done On and After The Days Of The Trade Show

Activities To Be Done On and After The Days Of The Trade Show

Below mentioned are some of the important activities that needs to be done on and after the days of the trade shows:

Activities on the days of the show:

The show stall must be ready well before the show opening time on the first day and on all the other days.

All persons present at our stall must be properly dressed as per the decided dress code and must be properly groomed and presentable.

Temporary resources must be briefed appropriately about their work and whom should they contact in case of a query from a visitor that they could not answer.

Attend each visitor properly, with respect and warmth. Take good care of them.

Explain product related details to the existing or prospective customers.

If we promise something to a visitor, that must be noted along with the visitor’s contact details.

Activities To Be Done On and After The Days Of The Trade Show

The stock of stationery, our visiting cards, brochures, leaflets or other printed material must be maintained properly. The same applies to chocolates or other eatables and beverages, if we are offering the same to the visitors.

If we are selling some products at the stall, its billing, stock and receipt entries must be done properly. Carry a credit card swiping machine and other point of sale equipment at the stall, if required.

Collect visiting cards of all the visitors. If visiting cards are not available with them, capture the details of the visitors in a visitor’s book. Write comment if there is some action we need to take after the trade show.

Activities to Be Done after the Show

Make sure that everything that was taken from the office to the show comes back.

Compile all the visitors’ contacts details and store it in some computer database with proper comments.

Post show, send a “Thank you for visiting us” communication to all the visitors as soon as possible.

Check all the To-Do action tasks listed during the show. Execute them as promised. Ensure that all that we promised to different parties is properly fulfilled in time.

Make sure that somebody attends to each and every query or prospect that came to the show and qualifies them to decide the further course of action.

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