Making A Difference: Answer Key Of NCERT Books

We all look forward to growing up. As kids, it seemed that grown-ups have all the fun while children are made to suffer by studying incessantly year after year. It may be the classic covetous thought, but growing up has its disadvantages too, more than that you realize.

If you reminisce the time when you were in school, in the primary classes, you had all the privilege of having teachers (or parents) work hard for you. They made charts, models, took you on field trips, made show and tell, basically paved the way to find answers to various aspects about life. As you move on from the junior school to get in to the middle school, the going gets tough. However, you find teacherswho would encourage you to explore answers but would guide you to the important parts in a chapter or even for that matter, provide notes and handouts on important concepts These were invaluable ammunition to carry with you and go through them during the exam times, when the reality of Mr. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity dawns on you, as you find that suddenly time that you have is not enough. Teachers even guide you through the important questions for the exam.

As you get into the higher grades, the expectation from the students is that they should be able to study and figure out the answers of the questions themselves. Since this is the stage where you’re gearing up for the board exams or the competitive exams, an individual’s ability to undertake self-study is important. Hence, the teachers would finish their respective syllabi and pin their hopes on the students themselves that they are able to paddle their way through the rough waters.

This is where the shadow education industry steps in. They fill the gap and handhold the students to fare better in the examinations. However, what most of them land up doing is providing answer key of NCERT books for the questions that are provided at the end of every chapter. They also curate their own questions so that their customers, the students, get to practice from a larger bank of questions and familiarise themselves with the solutions.With the proliferation of Internet and the ubiquitous computer, online learning portals have become an extension of this shadow education industry. With this, the student gets an access to learning anytime/ anywhere.

Making A Difference: Answer Key Of NCERT Books

While the online education portals provide a large quantity of questions and answers that are beneficial for the students to get thorough with the topics that they study in school and adhering to the NCERT syllabus, it is important to realise that while concepts are taught in classes and should be understood by students, in order to effectively utilise the time spent in each class, to get through an examination with flying colours requires a combination of different skills sets and smart learning methods. Examiners are trained to look for specific patterns, points, keywords that can differentiate the answers that you right when benchmarked with the ideal solution.

And that can make all the difference…

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