How To Remember Facts and Figures For IAS Exam

How To Remember Facts and Figures For IAS Exam

Civil Services exam has become more analytical from factual but remembering facts and figures on different topics help a student to write better analysis in an answer. To keep all the things in the mind till the exam gets really difficult for the students and they usually look for easy techniques. To help you remember the facts and recall them quickly when required, a few techniques are mentioned below.

How To Remember Facts and Figures For IAS Exam

Civil service exam preparation includes a lot of reading and remembering the facts and figures. You cannot expect to get good marks by just going through the books and study material just once. One needs to be a super computer to not just mug up the facts but also to recall them quickly and accurately to answer the questions in the exam. Students need to use some techniques and strategies to make learning easy and effective. The first requirement is to get easy-to-understand study material and make clear notes. These notes work as your last minute revision support by saving you from the daunting task of going through the complete syllabus again.

Study only what is relevant. Most of the students commit the mistake of going through a lot of unnecessary material they find on the internet or their friends suggest them. If you want to remember the facts and figures, keep your study material selective. It is better to ask the teachers and experts at coaching centers to get a right recommendation for IAS general studies material. They give you a precise and apt list of books to help you save time and stay more focused on the learning.

Emotionally connect with the concepts. While going through history books or some social issues, try to emotionally connect with them. This will make it easier for you to remember the things and factual information. For instance, when reading about an issue of agriculture insurance, try to remember the schemes, provisions, problems and the improvements from the point of view of a farmer. Think about these factors and their benefits for a farmer and the impact of unseasonal rains on your crops. It will help you analyze the complete situation and remember the facts.

Backup your study with proper revision. It is a human tendency that if we don’t revise, we forget more than 90% of what has been studied. So, make sure you revise the syllabus regularly. An effective technique is to revise everything before going to bed. You just have to recall all the things you studied throughout the day.

Work on the rotten scoundrel sheet. It includes the words, texts, phrases or the concepts, which you always forget even after revising a lot. The technique includes writing the problem area on a paper by mentioning the topic in brackets. Let the sheet grow with new scoundrels. Soon you will get a number of sheets. Now dedicate around 10-15 minutes every day on the revision of these problems and strike out the things which you perfectly remember now.

Be more selective in repeat study. You cannot deny the fact that repeat study of general studies as well as optional subjects is essential to properly cover the IAS syllabus. But every time you cannot manage to spend equal time on reading the same thing. So make a habit of selective study when revising the things. Focus only on important facts and figures, which skip from your mind.

Make a comparative chart. The exam pattern requires students to analyze issues and comparison of the many facts and figures would help in writing a better answer. A student who includes these extra points shows that he has worked hard and impresses the examiner.

Last but not the least take mock tests to check how much you remember. Regular tests help you analyze your knowledge level. You can take admission in a reputed coaching institute like Vajiram and Ravi that offers updated test series as per the present exam pattern to help you focus on the required factual information.

Hope the tips help you remember so many facts and figures for successful IAS exam preparation.

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