K12 Education and The Current Online Trends

The truth is that technology has completely changed the way, human beings think, act and live. It has helped life to become all the more smooth and convenient. Now technology is said to be used in almost every sphere of life and industries have been promoting technology to increase their overall productivity and to gain from it immensely. The other area where technology is being implemented to benefit from it is education. There are numerous k12 e learning companies in India that has been assisting schools and universities to use technology for promoting the concept of elearning among students located throughout the length and breadth of the country. Now, with elearning being implemented and slowly becoming easily available in the country, students residing even in remote corners can get access to high quality education, something that was devoid to them even a decade back.

Online Education

Every new session that is introduced in the school or university is said to be using the latest teaching trends. Innovative pedagogical methodologies are being experienced by students which have been adopted by teachers. Recently, students are said to notice the chalkboards being replaced by Smart boards. Similarly, modern day students also have been enjoying the facility of being provided with projects that enhances their learning, instead of those dull posters. If carefully observed, it can be stated that k12 online education concept is said to go much beyond the classroom walls, while having great impact upon teachers and students alike. Besides this, the educational software and e-learning modules are considered to offer value worth the investment.

K12 Education and The Current Online Trends

Flipped classrooms

Old school classrooms have been successfully broken by flipped classroom concept. Here, the idea is to allow the students to have greater control over class sessions. Pre-recorded lectures are assigned to students for studying as homework. Students can find classroom sessions to be interactive as well as thought exchanging period. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Improved student-teacher interactions
  • Self paced learning

Monitoring progress of students by providing technological assistance

Previously, trying to monitor the student’s progress was quite an exhausting time for teachers. The whole procedure did require undertaking various types of analysis and draining paper work. But with introduction of technology and by upgrading the tracking systems like Blackboard is known to have tracking progress of the student to become a much simpler task. Irrespective of the type of course conducted, be it offline or online, teachers have been finding grade tracking systems to be effective.

Cloud computing

It is considered to be a real marvel that has entered the domain of education, besides business. Students and educators are able to collaborate with one another easily for carrying out simple assignments or complex presentations by using cloud computing concepts. Moreover, progress made in Wi-Fi technology is said to have only strengthened further footing between classrooms and cloud computing.

Interactive educational gaming

Through educational games that are interactive in nature, students’ intellects can be developed manifolds in short time period.

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