CAT Exam Pattern

CAT Exam Pattern

The CAT exam is speculated to be held during the middle of the November month for the year 2015. This year the CAT 2015 is being conducted by IIM Ahmedabad. According to IIM Ahmedabad there will be changes in the CAT exam pattern in 2015. If you have written CAT previously you will know that the CAT exam pattern keeps changing regularly and it has never stayed the same. After the official notifications for CAT 2015 are out you can check the website of Byju’s classes where you will be immediately updated about the CAT exam pattern for 2015.

For now you can get acquainted with the CAT exam pattern for the previous year. The previous CAT was held for 170 minutes which means 2 hours and 50 minutes. The CAT exam had 2 sections. One section had questions from Quantitative ability and Data interpretation. The other section had questions from Verbal ability and Logical reasoning. This was the basic CAT exam pattern. Now you can go through the detailed pattern for CAT exam. You can practice byju’s classes mock test at Cat  2015 Mock tests.

CAT Exam Pattern

In the previous years the CAT exam had separate timings for each section. Once that time would be over you were not allowed to attend any questions from that section. But from last year onwards this was removed. There was no sectional timings. Moreover the duration of the exam was also increased by 30 mins. Get all the details of cat 2015 at CAT 2015 As such they had the freedom to do whichever question that they wanted in whatever time they wanted. So you can skip questions from one question and go to the next section and then come back to the previous section. In the previous years the mandatory section to be done first was the one that had questions from Quantitative ability and Data interpretation.

Now let us see the CAT exam pattern from the detailed view of the sections. There are two sections in the CAT exam. One section has questions from Quantitative ability and Data interpretation. The other section has questions from verbal ability and logical reasoning. As you would have already read earlier there is no time limit for a particular section. Every section has 30 questions each. The section that is on Quantitative ability and Data interpretation has questions from different topics such as arithmetic, mensuration, mathematics, geometry etc. The questions from Data interpretation will be on charts, graphs etc. The questions from the section on Verbal ability and Logical reasoning will be on your skill to comprehend and your knowledge of the English language.

Now you should also acquaint yourself with the scoring process of the CAT exam pattern. Every wrong answer in the CAT exam also has a penalty or negative marking. Every question has 3 marks. On doing it correctly u get 3 marks, if you do not attempt it you get no marks for the question and if you attempt it incorrectly you get a penalty of 1 mark which means you get -1 marks. So you should be extremely careful while attempting.

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