Places To Visit In Hazaribagh!

Hazaribagh is a place in the state of Jharkhand and is known as the health resort. The best part is that most of the city is covered with lush greens all around, and this could be a great place to visit for a day or two when you are touring around in Jharkhand. Hazaribagh is considered as a hill town as it is situated at an elevation. So, if you want to know some places you can explore while in the hill town, keep on reading…

Places To Visit In Hazaribagh!

  1. Hazaribagh Lake: – This Lake is situated right in centre of the entire city and is wrapped with government bungalows and offices. The Lake is known for its beauty and uniqueness. The Lake also offers many water activities, which is why it is a well-known fun time spot for locals. When you are in Hazaribagh, this is one place you must visit. You can take a train to Hazaribagh, and you can also easily book for online food order in train for your journey.
  2. Rajrappa: – The Rajrappa Temple is dedicated to Goddess Chinnamastaka and is situated at the midpoint where River Damodar and Bhairavi meet. You will view a beautiful waterfall from the temple, which increases the beauty of it even more. The waterfalls are quite popular amongst the locals as it is a family picnic spot. Boating activities are allowed in the water which makes it an entertaining and religious place to relax. If you are an animal lover, then you might not want to visit this temple as the sacrifice of animal is still a practice in the temple.
  3. Hazaribagh National Park – You will see a diverse variety of different animals in this national park. It is famous for the Cheetals, Neelgai, Sambhars, spotted Deers and many other animals. The national park is easily accessible through the road and so you can see the remotest portions of the park. Make sure you carry your camera along to click some beautiful snaps of the greenery and animals. There are tigers too in this park, but it is said that they are very hard to spot because of their low number.
  4. Canary Hills – Situated in a thick forest, these hills are the most important landmark of Hazaribagh. The small lake on the hills is gorgeous and once you are at a height, you can see the view of the entire city from here. You can either drive up to the hills or climb up if you love adventures.

These are just few brilliant spots at Hazaribagh you can visit at while exploring Jharkhand. The city is quite a laid back one and you can relax here without any tensions. Besides that, it has several forests and greenery all over the city. Do not forget to carry the best camera you have so that you can capture the beauty of this little city.

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