Kanha National Park – A Visit To One Of India’s Finest National Parks

India is known to have many national parks and the Corbett National Park and the Kanha National Park are the standouts amongst the best and biggest and the most after. This article acts as a travel guide for a visit to the Kanha National park.

Kanha National Park nestled deep in Madhya Pradesh is a wonderful park well known to be one of the most popular national parks in India. Kanha tour packages are one of the most popular sought after holiday packages in Madhya Pradesh. The national park is the home to about 100 tigers, the highest you will find anywhere in India. And although rare to find, you may find some panthers and sloth bears if your luck favours you.

Kanha National Park - A Visit To One Of India’s Finest National Parks

Kanha National Park is a gigantic and excellent park with around 940 square kilometers it is one of the greatest national parks in the nation and prime tiger region! The recreation center is essentially comprised of sal woods and boundless glades. Barking deers, sambar and chital (spotted deer) are very regular however, and the recreation center is likewise home to the barasingha (swamp deer), one of the rarest creature on the planet! The barasingha was on the verge of extinction with just around 60 of them left. Now there are around 1,200 in Kanha National Park, the main spot on the planet where they can be found in nature. It is also home to around 300 types of occupant and transient winged creatures. The hawk, red wilderness fowl, regular peafowl, honey bee eater, Indian roller, racquet-tailed drongo, Indian dark hornbill and the Malabar pied hornbill are a portion of the uncommon species that can be spotted here.

The national park is open from October to June. Opening hours are from morning till night, but you need cannot just walk into the park as you wish. You need to board a jeep which does morning trips or evening trips. Morning trips for the most part begin at around 6.30am and last until around 10 or 10.30am. Evening trips as a rule begin at around 3 or 3.30pm and last until around 6.30pm. There may be a slight variation in the timings depending on the time of your visit. If you visit during summer during the months April and May, the safaris begin early and goes on till dark while the time is shortened during winters.

The Kanha National park is popular not only for its fauna but is also home to over 100 species of flowering plants and home to a beautiful arrangement of flora. Beautiful trees and tropical deciduous make up a beautiful surrounding in the national park.

The closest train stations to the Kanha National Park are in Jabalpur and Nagpur. You will have to further take a taxi to reach your destination. The National park also offers short weekend packages to its visitors who can spend a fun filled time in the span of two days. These two days will be packed with unending adventures, safaris and mind boggling sightseeing in the midst of nature.

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