A Quick Travel Guide To Bhopal: A Melange Of Culture and Heritage

The capital city of Madhya Pradesh has a huge history and glory behind it. Once a residing place of kings and queens, Bhopal, even today, has ancient monuments that tell the world about the nawabs and their culture, art and tradition. There are many historic places to visit in this ancient city that is rapidly modernizing. Situated on the seven hills in between two lakes, the beautiful city is also filled with greenery. There are several hotels and resorts near BhopalĀ where you can stay.

History –

The Paramara King Bhoja from Dhar founded this city in the 1000 AD. The city was originally named as Bhojpal and got its name from the king and the Pal dam constructed by the king’s men. The modern city of Bhopal was established by an afghan soldier of the Mughal dynasty called, Dost Mohammed Khan in the 18th century. In the 1818, the British took over Bhopal and made it its princely state. There is one more historic thing about Bhopal; it was ruled by four queens during 1819 -1926. After independence, the region was taken by the Government of India. Today, it is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh.

A Quick Travel Guide To Bhopal: A Melange Of Culture and Heritage

Known for –

Sadly, Bhopal became world famous for the gas tragedy that took place in 1982 December 3. Toxic gases like methyl cyanide were leaked from a pesticide plant killing about 4000 people.

Climate –

The city is situated in the upper central part of the country. It has a few hill ranges surrounding it. There are two major lakes Upper Lake and Lower Lake, along with several other lakes around the city. The city experiences humid subtropical climate. Summers are hot, winters are cool and dry.

How to get there?

Being a capital city of a large state, Bhopal is well connected with other parts of the country through railway, road and air. There are daily buses to many cities like Ahmadabad, Jaipur, Gwalior, Nagpur, Kota and Pune.

Places to see –

There are many natural sightseeing places in Bhopal such as Upper Lake, Lower Lake, National Park and Bhimbetka caves. There are several monuments like Taj Ul Masajid, Sanchi Stupa and Raisen Fort. There are also many museums and palaces to adore while you are in Bhopal.

Where to stay –

There are several resorts in Bhopal and you can pick the one that is good for you. You can get hotels according to your preferences and budget.

What to eat –

Bhopal has a rich food culture, and you cannot leave Bhopal without enjoying the street food. The food street is famous for its local delicacies that range from great starters to colourful desserts. Biryani, dahi wada, bun ke kebab, tandoori, nalli nihari, barfi rasmalai dona, kesariya jalebi, roasts and kormas, you can try them all while you are here. Bhopal hotels and resorts also provide you with lip-smacking delicious food that you will be craving for more.

What to buy –

Tussar silk, a blend of cotton and silk is famous in Bhopal. Do not forget to by a sari or a stole made of Tussar silk.

Bhopal is a beautiful city filled with cultural heritage and modern values. To enjoy the blend of both, visit this city once in your life. You will be coming back for more.

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