Chronically Fatigued Connected To Leaky Gut?

Do you have irritable-bowel syndrome, allergy symptoms like eczema, asthma or food allergies. Do you regularly face fatigue or depression? Do you get autoimmune disorders etc.? If you do then you might have the very common condition called the leaky gut. The condition is extremely common yet no big work has been done in the field making it difficult for your doctor to recognize it at an early stage.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to wait for getting big issues to get diagnosed as the person with leaky gut. You can always find leaky gut syndrome questionnaireon the internet, you should take this leaky gut quiz to judge your stomach’s condition.

Understand what leaky gut is:

Leaky gut is a health condition where a person’s intestine gets soft and losses it’s tough shape and as a result the intestine wall gets small holes in it, which allows the flow of food particles from the intestine to enter your blood stream.

Since the problem occurs in the small intestine where basically the food has to get absorbed, but this easy flow of particles against the membrane allows both the good and bad particles to move into your blood stream.

Diseases associated with the leaky gut:

According to studies, it has been concluded that leaky gut can cause several chronic diseases in a person. A person may face digestive problems, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, and increase in weight, rheumatoid arthritis and even heart failure.

Thus this very common appearing condition can be the cause of many serious health issues of yours, without you or your doctor even diagnosing them. This is one of the reasons why you have so many gut quizzes, you can find a reliable leaky gut syndrome quiz on the internet, to help you judge your gut and prevent all these big diseases.

Which organs may get affected with the leaky gut?

You know that your stomach is a very important organ of yours, and a problem with it would cause problems with your whole body. There are some basic organs that may get affected with your leaky gut and these are:

Your brain:

Like all the organs brain is also connected to your stomach, so a problem with your gut will cause problems with your brain ultimately.

Your immune system:

Your gut is almost 70% of your immune system thus a problem with your gut will result in the overall damage of your immune system.

The liver:

Liver is responsible for filtration of blood, and if your blood stream contains such big food particles and toxic material it would defiantly damage your liver.

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