What Makes Rugby Essentially Different From Football

In essence, both rugby and football have the same goal, but, there are core differences which makes either sport more likable. Though, comparing the two is possible, you should not take every aspect into comparison, as every part of the two games has different meanings. One of the biggest differences you will notice right off the bat is that more people are required for a rugby team, called a “Union”.

What Makes Rugby Essentially Different From Football

Will The Protective Gear Really Help You Sustain Less Damage?

Although football is played with being geared up heavily, so that you can protect your body from full-blown body slams, it is not possible to avoid some minor injuries during the game. On the other hand, rugby is played in a simple uniform offering little to no protection at all, which makes it more dangerous in that sense. Though, comparing the two, there is no clear winner in deciding which sport can hurt its players more, rather, in either case, it is possible to attain injuries which will get you a surefire way into the hospital.

Which Sport Has a Bigger Fan base And More Media Coverage?

Even if both rugby and football are more popular, it comes as no surprise at all that football is rocking the status contest. Besides having famous players and great teams you can look up, there is a lot of controversy going on in the NFL as well, making the sport be more out there. Though, NFL rumors at Profootballrumors.com offer more than just simple whispers of what is going on in the league, you can learn, early on, about soon to happen transfers and changes made in the game. On the other hand, rugby is less controversially meaning that you will rarely find problem-induced articles about it online.

What Makes Rugby Essentially Different From Football

Tossing the Old Pigskin Is Not the Same in Both Sports

The ball used in both rugby and football has a similar shape, and the elongated egg-shape is used so that it is easier to carry it in hand, which both sports require. Though, the shape is shared, there are subtle differences which need to be taken into account for either sport. In football there is more passing and tackling which is suggested by the more egg-like and aerodynamic shape, while in rugby there is a lot more kicking done. However, seeing that football evolved from rugby, there is not surprise really that he two balls are similar not only in shape, abut in size and weight as well.

Fans could argue over some minor differences which make rugby and football enjoyable, but, for those who just want to simply relish the game, it does not really matter. After all, they are going to games so that they can kick back and relax, and watch as two teams clash with enough force to shatter bones, and come out unscathed from it all. Either game will raise your adrenaline levels, so that you can get your blood really pumping.

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